Droid X Rooted

Rooted my phone this past weekend to get rid of a lot of the bloatware installed on it. And to make it a wireless hotspot. What other cool things can you do with a rooted Droid?

7 Responses to “Droid X Rooted”

  1. Justin Buist says:

    Titanium Backup can be run when you’ve got root, though I’m not sure if it’s all that useful for a common user. I just use it when tossing on a new ROM.

    SetCPU will let you overclock the CPU. Or underclock it. I let mine run the CPU higher when not on battery power.

    Just stuck ‘AdFree Android’ on my phone. No idea how well it really works yet.

  2. trackerk says:

    I run Cyanogenmod on my Droid. You can run a new lanucher app (the thingy that runs the main screen on the phone). It also runs much faster than the stock OS. I also like having the ClockworkMod Recovery installed. Lets me backup my entire phone to the SD card. If ever something goes wonky I can restore the backup and get back to a stable phone.

  3. Sigivald says:

    So… using a rooted phone, you can install utilities that make using a rooted phone less dangerous to your phone?


  4. Mr Evilwrench says:

    I kinda like my flip phone. I can make and receive calls or sms without having to have or be a sysadmin.

  5. calam says:

    Sigivald, (& SaysUncle): What prev posts referred to was the ability to back up against the possibility of any issues, yes, including flashing a bad rom or whatnot. the ability to achieve root can, for many, depending on many factors from hardware to usage, offer benefits WORTH the risk of having an issue, or even bricking their device. Root is a calculated risk, like (carrying a gun, cause, you know, it MIGHT just go off on its own ;P )much of life. But, it also might get a virus! Mmkay, that happens on other phones also, without root access. Tethering is just one (although you will prolly never get nailed for doing so, it does violate the terms of use for most carriers, at least where unlimited data plans are concerned).
    I’m still running a G1, & with Cyanogen & some other customizations, have a (much) faster, more feature rich piece of hardware than if I waited on updates that will never happen for what is considered an obsolete piece of kit by the carrier & manufacturer.
    Plus, it can just be fun, like tinkering with an old car or kitting out your AR.
    Hit the XDA forums if you haven’t already, SaysUncle.
    Not tryin to be rude or anything, just experienced, & unafraid.

  6. Joe says:

    Come up with a phone app that will jam the airport porno scanners and someone will make a fortune!

  7. Chris Byrne says:

    Lotsa things. Overclocking, underclocking to save battery, mess directly with fileystems and hidden preferences…

    The most important thing I do with mine though, is free wi-fi hotspot, without paying Verizon $20 a month.