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The controversy that wasn’t and isn’t

The alleged problems with Glocks

5 Responses to “The controversy that wasn’t and isn’t”

  1. Joel Says:

    I do believe that’s the worst book description I’ve ever read. $30 and I can’t see a topic list or even a page count? Is the book about the so-called “plastic gun controversy?” I think we can safely call that one dead, so if that’s what it’s about I don’t need it.


  2. MJM Says:

    Well, nobody was recommending buy the book, just laughing at the hysteria of the 80s and reminding those who might be too young to recall that the media cooked up a controversy over “plastic guns” that airport scanners can’t detect.

  3. Chas Says:

    Markie Marxist sez: “The plastic gun controversy is like global warming. The facts, as they currently stand, aren’t with us right now, but once we get the facts “politically corrected”, so that they reflect a proper Marxist perspective, we can once again go forward on those issues. A few good articles from my commie compadres at the New York Times and we’ll be good to go on both issues! Ha! Ha! All your facts are belong to us!”

  4. Retardo Says:

    I’ve heard the metal-detector story recently from the famous Joan Peterson, and also from a guy I know in real life (not a moron, either). He actually believed it, though he wasn’t emotionally attached to it and so was able to accept that it wasn’t true. On the other hand, he still believes the Soviet auto industry was more efficient than ours, because it was more centralized.

    Peterson’s a paid professional liar, so who knows what she really believes.

  5. milquetoast Says:

    Who are you going to believe : some blogger or the world famous documentary Die Hard 2?

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