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Shouldn’t you warn the police?

Actor shot by police officers, who mistook him for a gunman.


Cuizon told police he had borrowed the pistol he used _ a homemade .357 Magnum _ but refused to identify the owner, Relado said. Cuizon is in custody and will be charged Tuesday with homicide and violation of a gun ban, Relado said.


2 Responses to “Shouldn’t you warn the police?”

  1. Jake Says:

    Looks like they did warn the police.

    Before the fatal shooting, Cuizon went to the police station to tell officers about the reported presence of armed men, and was informed the gunmen may be part of the film production. […]

    Cuizon was walking fast and reached the masked men on the motorcycle ahead of the officer, who told him the two were part of the cast.

    Also, he wasn’t an actual cop, and wasn’t supposed to carry the gun while working.

    Volunteer watchmen help police keep the peace, patrol the streets and implement curfews. They are normally armed only with batons and are not supposed to carry firearms.

    Sounds like a murder charge would be completely justified.

  2. Ian Argent Says:

    Also note: home-made .357?!? Ballsy or stupid; pick one or more

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