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The trick is to make gun rights a non-issue and other election stuff

On whether or not we can have a bipartisan gun rights movement:

But will a bipartisan consensus on this issue last? Thatís probably going to hinge on whether thereís enough of a pro-gun movement within the Democratic Party to make it work, or whether there are enough true single-issue voters out there to help pro-gun Democrats. If the answer is no, weíre going back to being the crazy Uncle in the GOP attic.

It will be interesting. Gun owners are to Republicans what minority and gay voters are to Democrats. They pander to them in election years and they’re the first constituency forgotten when it comes time to do stuff. Gun rights minded folks need to work toward making gun rights a non-issue, that is one that every reasonable person supports.

While I do applaud the pro-gun Democrats exactly because I want gun rights to not be an issue, I hate the company they keep. Notably, I hate that they appoint anti-rights judges like the unwise Latina and Kagan. And, even if as speculated Kagan is on the right side of the gun issue, she kinda sucks on other issues that I hold dear. In the last decade, there are a few supreme court cases which I personally consider to be the most important in terms of affirming individual rights. Those cases are Heller, McDonald, Kelo and Citizens United. In every one of those cases, the supposed liberals / progressives / whatevertouchyfeelyeuphemismtheygobynow voted on the side of evil. And that is why I won’t be pulling the lever for someone with a D after their name for a long time.

11 Responses to “The trick is to make gun rights a non-issue and other election stuff”

  1. chris Says:

    I voted for myself as a write-in for State Rep.

  2. Weer'd Beard Says:

    Interestingly enough in Mass just about every seat had a strong R going for it, and all scored at least decently on th NRA and GOAL questionnaire. (I know those don’t mean a ton…but it beats the ones that are happy to be an NRA F-rated Solon)

    Wouldn’t it be nice for my state to go Red?

  3. mikee Says:

    A bipartisan gun rights movement is possible if and only if there re-emerges a conservative movement in the Democrat party.

    Progressive liberalism and gun rights are impossible to reconcile. See Huffman on Peterson Syndrome for a more thorough explanation:

  4. blounttruth Says:

    I hope the partisans did not make a grave error on their vote for TN governor. A republican that did one add about going to church garnered him 65% of the vote, but will he hold true to his word? Only time will tell.

  5. DirtCrashr Says:

    The Tea Party needs to swallow-up and overcome the GOP, and expel the shattered remains of RINOS who vote anti-gun.
    As far as Democrats go, they have been Socialist for for so long, advocating for illegals and pandering to every separate identity-politics group, I just don’t see any remaining conservative traction in their Teflon gut. The fact that some semi-conservative Democrats remain back east and in the south only serves to reveal the truth of them as just another Identity Group that Democrats manage and pander-to in their grand socialist coalition. There’s been a demographic shift and the Socialists see that as their winning scheme.

  6. Breda Says:


  7. TomcatsHanger Says:

    The Democratic party is still racist as hell, and offically at least that hasn’t been a part of it’s platform for more than a few decades.

    If they ever stop being race bigots, I might believe they can one day stop being gun bigots.

  8. hillbilly Says:

    Anyone who is “pro-gun” who votes for any Democrat just doesn’t get it.

    While individual Dems might be pro-gun, their party is anti-gun. They show it over and over by the legislation they sponsor, the judges they nominate, the positions they take.

    I haven’t voted for any Dem for any office since 1994. Yes, the AWB year. And that’s why.

    This year, I’ve gone from not voting for Dems, to actively voting against them.

    And there is a difference.

    The difference is, I actually voted “for” a couple of nutjob Green party candidates this time around.

    I voted Green not because I like the Green Party. I voted Green in a few races just because it gave me more chances to vote against more Democrats.

  9. MJM Says:

    Agreed, Unc, I think the utility of the right to keep and bear arms as an issue–insofar as “bipartisanship” is concerned–is to make Democrats stop, pause just for a moment, and just maybe consider whether the party salivating to disarm the rest of us might want to neuter our liberty in 1,000 other ways, too.
    Maybe. If they connect 50 years of liberal policies with a culture in decline and crime to the point that solid Democrats want a gun.
    Maybe, finding themselves agreeing with “the right” on this one issue, they open their minds to what we are saying about the blessings of constitutional, limited self-government.
    I do not think Democrats, with few exceptions, can ever make gun control a non-issue. Hardcore Marxists understand at gut level that the armed citizenry must be eradicated.

  10. Dan Says:

    For now, between two pro gunners, always choose the republican.

  11. HardCorps Says:

    Asking someone if they support the right to concealed carry will let you know if they are liberal every time, because they hate the idea of individual power.

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