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Speaking of NYC

Looks like Bloomy is trying to avoid being the next to get sued. It is telling that councilman calls the fees for permits fines. At least he’s honest. The new rules go too far in restricting gun ownership. You can be denied a permit for being a bad driver or being in debt.

2 Responses to “Speaking of NYC”

  1. Gunmart Says:

    I blogged about this yesterday. I was SHOCKED to see that Bloomy actually wanted to reduce the “fines” fees Poll Tax….. From $340 down to between $25 and $110.

  2. John A Says:

    The proposed changes for permission (?) to apply (!!?!!) for a license are offered as clarifying current law/practice – so I guess the cirrent law must REALLY be a mess.

    Denied if arrested? Not convicted, or even indicted – just arrested. So the desk officer recognises you and knows you are not the person named in the warrant, but you nonetheless were arrested – so bye-bye rights.

    So broad as to be meaningless.