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More Haslam And Guns

Haslam has clarified his position on guns in parking lots. Unnamed Democrat says what you’d expect unnamed Democrats to say.

Campfield says this may mean that Haslam supports allowing permit holders to carry on campuses.

Haslam has come a long way since his days in Mayors Against Guns. Good for him.

10 Responses to “More Haslam And Guns”

  1. MJM Says:

    I think the Tennessee governor’s race is instructive for us all. I’ve learned that you have to engage these guys, to get to know them if possible, and that SOME of them genuinely will listen and even learn. I think Bill Haslam fits into that category and that he has refined his position, not just jockeyed for position. Some of that occurs when our politicians meet people they like and respect and learn how strongly those people think and feel about an issue.
    Unnamed Democrat might learn from that but—Naaahhh!

  2. Zenmastertaz Says:

    I’ve posted this same statement on Stacey Campfield’s site as well….
    And yet I ask again, what rights does that limit me to if I were to ride a motorcycle and carry? Do the motorcyclist give up their rights to self protection if they work on campus? There is no ‘secure’ lockup on many bikes. But if you read the current laws, the right to store your gun in your car already exists IF you are not a student and are an adult. If you are an adult but take classes that can set your status back to student, and then all bets are off.
    Subsection (c)(1).
    Am I wrong?

  3. wildbill Says:

    Like he’ll really do what he’s saying now once he gets in. Only a fool would believe he’s actually changed his position. He’ll throw gun owners under the bus within 30 days of being elected.

  4. Huck Says:

    IMHO, any politico who was once openly anti Constituition will ALWAYS be so. No matter what he/she says or does during a election year.

  5. Unix-Jedi Says:

    Haslam has come a long way since his days in Mayors Against Guns.

    Haven’t you heard? There’s an election coming up!

  6. David Garrett Says:

    Haslam will say anything and do anything to get elected.

  7. MJM Says:

    One thing’s for sure: We’ll find out.

  8. Usagi Says:

    I hope he has come a long way – and not just saying things to get elected.

  9. Ron W Says:

    Neither candidate have principled positions based on our right ot keep AND CARRY arms for self-defense enumerated in the State Constitution.

    McWherter’s statement that companies should be able to prevent their HCP employees from keeping guns secured in vehicles, because they are “not coming to work after duck hunting” displays his abysmal Constitutional ignorance or, even worse, his disdain for the right of armed self-defense.

  10. chris Says:

    I agree with your assessment, Unc.

    I think that Haslam will be much better in 2A issues than our current “pro-gun Democrat” governor who twice vetoed the most important firearms legislation that came before him in his 2 terms as Governor.

    The main issue to me is the stregth of the House and the Senate in passing 2A legislation and not waffling on 2A bills which come before it.

    We have some pretty low-quality Republian Reps and Senators when it comes to liberty-related legislation, like our ability to vote on appellate judges in “real” elections and not in “yes-no” retention elections.

    In that regard, self-proclaimed uber conservative Ron Ramsey led the charge to keep citizens from being able to choose appellate judges.

    I think that getting pro-2A legislation past Senators like Jamie Woodson and some of the East Tn Reps who voted for Jimmy Naifeh over their own candidates for Speaker (like current Senator Doug Overbey) will be the biggest challenge in getting more 2A legislation passed during Haslam’s term(s) as Governor.

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