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Crossbreed Supertuck

A review.

7 Responses to “Crossbreed Supertuck”

  1. Kujo21 Says:

    I have one and absolutely love it. I’m getting a 2nd for the new handgun coming, but this time I may pay for the “Combat Cut”. You lose some comfort but I found that its harder to get my thumb between the leather and grip with the extra leather.

    Oh and Horsehide feels alot nicer than cowhide!

  2. steve Says:

    Don’t get the combat cut. Order the regular one and then cut it just a bit at a time until it’s the way YOU want it. I’ve done all three of mine and they’re all a bit different due to the different guns they fit.

    HTH, sv

  3. Jake Says:

    Kujo21: I’ve found that if I put my thumb on the back of the slide when I first grip it then I can kind of slide it around as I draw. This has the added benefit of naturally and smoothly bringing my thumb into position to disengage the safety once I clear the muzzle.

    I’m using a Taurus PT-145, which is striker-fired. That technique may or may not work with a hammer-fired pistol like a 1911.

  4. SmartAlec Says:

    “Crossbreed supertuck” probably means something very different in certain parts of the country.

  5. trackerk Says:

    Steve, I did the same thing. A little time with the dremel and sander and I cut out just enough of the leather that I could get a good grip on my Glock 17. I also cut a bit away so the holster wouldn’t catch my extended mag release. Embarrassing to slide your gun into the holster and have the mag fall out.

  6. NatefromOgden Says:

    I actually added a part to my Supertuck for my PF-9 because I found the magazine release button was contacting the leather, leaving me with a single shot pistol. I used a rubber auto battery holddown washer, thinned it by half then cut it in just a little more than half and glued it to the leather surrounding the release button. Works perfect and I love my holster.

  7. Kujo21 Says:

    Good suggestions guys. Thanks!