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Back from the shoot

Had a great time. And greater chili. Seriously, MJM makes awesome chili with beans. Pics later

9 Responses to “Back from the shoot”

  1. SPQR Says:

    You got some linky-love from Glenn.

  2. Jailer Says:

    Not even a teaser on the 50?????

  3. USCitizen Says:

    Sounds like a good time!

    The Zel Tactilite looks way cool at Glenn’s place.

  4. Richard Says:

    Hey Uncle,

    It was good meeting you. As much fun as it was to shoot the .50, MJM’s chili was definitely the highlight of the night!


  5. Helen Smith Says:

    Great seeing you last night. I am bummed we missed the chili.

  6. George Says:

    But, chili doesn’t have beans?

  7. MJM Says:

    Gracias. Coming from a connoisseur of hearty chili, that makes MJM feel real good. A crisp fall afternoon–turning to low light / night shooting–followed, only after all rounds were fired, by ample beer, extra sharp cheddar, and chili cooked in an iron kettle over an open hickory fire. Good solid guns and great company (all under the flapping Gadsden flag).
    And, Uncle, you have ignited the longstanding, irresolvable debate joined by George over whether beans are an integral component to chili.

  8. Bill Says:

    Chili HAS beans!! Period. Chili with meat is Chili con Carne, (chili with meat!) You never hear someone call it Chili con frijoles!

    Now, Texas has a derivative without beans, but it is a derivative, probably originally developed because they had some tough longhorn that no one wanted to eat and someone forgot to pick the beans up on the visit to town with the buckboard!

  9. Randy Says:

    Chili does NOT have beans! Chili with beans is spicy stew!

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