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Three law enforcement agencies and a helicopter search to locate a stolen droid phone. And the thief gets away. I just spend the extra $3 a month for the insurance.

If only there was another way to locate smart phones?

17 Responses to “Excessive?”

  1. Justin Buist Says:

    Mine’s set to flip the GPS on if I call it from any of my other phone numbers. Haven’t had to use it yet.

  2. Gunmart Says:

    Your tax dollars at work!

  3. Jake Says:

    Sprint has a “family location” service that I can turn on by logging into my account from any computer. It lets me view my phone’s location from the GPS, and even plots it on a map.

    Kind of scary, if you think about it. OTOH, I do have to log in with the same security used when I want to change my plan or add features, so it’s fairly well protected (from anyone but Sprint or the .gov, anyway).

  4. wizardpc Says:

    Link was broken for me?

  5. Drake Says:

    Doesnt the Lookout security app provide a way to search for the phone from a home PC?

  6. Jim S Says:

    I’ve got a program on mine called Smrtguard. It can track, monitor, and even lock the phone from a PC.

  7. Rock in a Sea Of Chaos Says:

    Computrace will give geolocation on Blackberry and WinMobile phones

  8. Ben Says:

  9. Ben Says:


  10. Guav Says:

    With Apple’s Mobile Me I can see where my phone is on a map, send a message to the screen, lock it, or remotely wipe the entire phone.

    I’d like the ability to remotely detonate it in the pocket of the thief, but the options I have are still pretty good 🙂

  11. Dave Says:

    I use Lookout. It works and it’s free.

  12. Joe Huffman Says:

    Microsoft has remote find, lock, and wipe available for their smart phones too.

    I wrote some of the code used for the location capability…

  13. JP Says:

    Mobile defense and wavesecure both are droid locating apps. Can pull your phones location up from any computer with web access.

  14. Justthisguy Says:

    Of course the thief could just take the battery out and solder the thing into a can until he can reprogram it. Sounds like more work than actually working for enough money to buy one, though.

  15. Gunstar1 Says:

    I use lookout too. Antivirus, data backup (contacts, calls and pictures), and locator.

    The locator can tell you on a map where your phone is and when you get near where it is supposed to be, you can activate a siren so that your phone will start making loud noises so you can find it.

  16. jesse Says:

    I just installed which a coworker recommended. I haven’t really played with it much yet, but it’ll turn on the gps and tell you where it is if you send it a special text message or mark it as missing on their web site. You can also set it to start notifying if someone puts a different sim card in your cell phone.

  17. Jerry in Detroit Says:

    While there are a number of methods to pursue this, the Find app comes to mind, it did occur to me that one could write an app to e-mail senior government officials and make statements that might be misinterpreted.