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Brady Campaign: Fake News Shows Turn Against Us

Paul Helmke to Jon Stewart:

Did you really suggest on the Oprah Show while promoting your Rally to Restore Sanity that when it comes to the horrific experience of school shootings that it’s not the guns that are the problem, but “crazy is the problem”?

Did you really say that if all the guns were gone that there would be “a 100,000 percent increase in school bludgeonings”? Did you, Jon Stewart, really say that?

Yes, he did. And he is correct. And that, Paul, is why you’re losing. You can’t even shore up the strident defenders of liberal policy who run fake news. Just like the real world.

4 Responses to “Brady Campaign: Fake News Shows Turn Against Us”

  1. Gunmart Says:

    Paul Helmke…. Michael Moore’s long lost brother.

  2. Shootin' Buddy Says:

    Paul Helmke . . . the dumbest man in Indiana politics, and we are soooo glad he is gone!

  3. Jeff the Baptist Says:

    I dispute Stewart’s findings as well. Bludgeonings wouldn’t go up until explosives, arson, and stabbings had also mysteriously disappeared…

    I mean the only reason Columbine isn’t known as the worst school bombing ever is that Klebold and Harris sucked at making them.

  4. Matt Groom Says:

    Helmke is definitely braking up the wrong tree if he thinks he’s more influential than The Daily Show.