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AP Ammo

I often wonder if anti-gun people are lying or if they really believe their own ludicrous claims?

4 Responses to “AP Ammo”

  1. Gunmart Says:

    On a macro level it is both, but on a micro level I think it is always one or the other

  2. BobG Says:

    Higher-ups in anti-gun groups are lying; most anti-gun politicians are just idiots and opportunists.

  3. John Smith. Says:

    I have forgotten more about armor piercing ammo then lentz will ever know.

  4. Lyle Says:

    Gunmart and BobG; There are always two kinds of statists–

    The perpetrators and the duped.

    Sometimes it’s hard to tell the difference, but for practical purposes it doesn’t matter– they all have to be defeated. Only then will it matter– at the trial.