Avoiding getting shot

What do to when someone realizes you’re carrying. And how to avoid getting shot by the police.

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  1. John Smith. says:

    What happens when the police are telling you conflicting things to do?? Obey one and get shot by the one you disobeyed? Sounds like this guy died in such a manner. His best bet would have been to get the hell out of the store when the management first approached him. Next you contact some gun bloggers and tell them of your fun. When I worked retail management I saw plenty of “concealed” carriers but their money is just as green as anybody elses. My company allowed us discretionary banning. Like the two cops I had to ban for attempting to strong arm a cashier. They tried to get her to give them every other item free for not getting her fired. Banning people has its purposes but wholesale banning of people because they choose to carry is stupid. Concealed or otherwise. The las vegas police handling of this manner reminds me of that stupid show reno 911.

  2. ben says:

    59:50!! Good grief! Anyone got the readers digest version?

  3. JKB says:

    What happens when the police are telling you conflicting things to do?? Obey one and get shot by the one you disobeyed?

    You stop, drop anything in your hands that isn’t a baby, splay your fingers wide and KEEP your hands visible and away from your waist. Never, ever, move toward or touch your gun even if ordered to do so. Do not try to pull out your ID or carry permit until direct to. And if that ID or permit is near or about your weapon, don’t reach for it. Better to be tased for non-compliance than give them justification for deadly force. Verbally tell them where your weapon is and where your permit is. Once they’ve secured your weapon, things will calm down precipitously.

    And most importantly, when confronted by the police, you must realize that regardless of how you consider yourself, to the police you are not one of the good guys, you are not the public, you are on of “them.” And with cops, it is cops against them and they’ll err on the side of cops going home safe. After they’ve determined who you are and that you’re lawfully armed, you may go back to being public.

  4. Rabbit says:

    On the rare occasions where I’ve printed through clothing, I told the quizzer “It’s my colostomy bag. Want to see?”

    That shuts their ass right up and they move along.

  5. Bryan S. says:

    As posted on the radio show blog:

    I think that the problem that will hurt us the most is that assumption that we are at fault for letting others see a firearm on our person.

    Perhaps, with the rise in open carry, we will loose some of our societal ignorance and have less morons out there calling the cops on people going about their daily business, that happen to have a firearm on their person.

    I equate it to calling the cops on someone because they are “insert minority here” and they are going to come and “insert horrible stereotype crime here” me.

    Once a situation has escalated, you are right, but hiding in the shadows worked real well for people of a gay persuasion, huh?

  6. trackerk says:

    I’ve never been made (or at least no one has mentioned it), but I am totally using “It’s my colostomy bag. Want to see?” if it happens đŸ™‚

  7. Dave R. says:

    I wanted to leave this on the linked post, but I’m not going through any of their comment registration options, so this’ll have to do.

    The piece by John Richardson is 95% good advice and 5% fighting-words-provocative treasonous b.s. In hindsight, clearly it would be better to contact the police yourself and not let petty dictators turn the cops to their power-tripping ends. That might well have saved Scott, and it’s good to get it spelled out, since I don’t know if I would be quick-witted enough to think of that immediately if I’d never considered it before.

    On the the other hand, the proximate cause of Scott being shot was his inherent inability to comply with multiple conflicting shouted commands. To say “What we can do is make sure it doesn’t happen to us.” is false on its face, and insulting to Scott. We may be able to drastically reduce the odds of its happening to us, but when the final test of whether it happens to us is in the hands of the police not jumping the gun after giving conflicting commands, that’s not completely within our power to control. And while it’s good to know what not to do, the very fact that people need to be told ahead of time how to respond to impossible conflicting demands of law enforcement shows there’s no blame in not being able to instantly puzzle out the one best answer in the moment you’re being shouted at and covered with drawn weapons.

    Further, to write “We may never know the full story out of Las Vegas as videos have disappeared and there are conflicting stories.” with an apparently straight face is just ridiculous. Who the hell disappeared the videos? Scott’s family? Underpants gnomes? Or the cops or Costco? And this ****er dares to equivocate between the two camps as if they’re totally equivalent, and failing to think quickly enough on your feet puts the responsibility onto the victim’s shoulders?