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ATF Misfires


A major Justice Department program aimed at intercepting the flow of U.S. weapons to Mexico’s drug cartels is misfiring due to bureaucratic turf battles and a failure to share critical intelligence about illegal firearms purchases, according to an internal department report.

But it was a success, they said so. Unless you do the math:

A quick punch-up of the old calculator says that for $37,000,000 the atf managed to get 1300 “illegal” firearms. I make that to be $28,000/firearm.

Only a .gov agency would brag on that as a success.

8 Responses to “ATF Misfires”

  1. John Smith. Says:

    Actually I thought they did a bang up job compared to their usual work. They did not kill children this time around either.

  2. hazmat Says:

    Huh. Turf battles in the AT&F. Imagine that. Kinda like water being wet, fire being hot, and the sky being blue.

    Now, we gotta be politically correct here. They’re not illegal guns, they’re UNDOCUMENTED guns, doing the jobs legal guns won’t do. Because illegal guns is all racist or something.

  3. dustydog Says:

    hazmat, that’s the best joke I’ve read in weeks.

  4. Mad Saint Jack Says:

    That’s a good price for the M-60 MG that ABC news likes to show in their stories.

  5. Stretch Says:

    If the BATmen will give me $28,000 per firearm the are welcome to my entire collection. I’ll deliver the guns as soon as the check clears.

  6. Lyle Says:

    Yeah; they should forget all the cloak and dagger crap and just offer 28 Grand for any gun in Mexico. ‘Course that would increase the flow of guns to Mexico. I’d smuggle all mine down there and sell them to the U.S. government. I might even get into the manufacturing business.

  7. Diomed Says:

    Why should they care? It’s not like it’s their money they’re spending.

  8. emdfl Says:

    I think Diomed wins the prize…