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Gunned Down in Vegas: What Really Happened to Erik Scott?

Bob Owens looks at the shooting of a carry permit holder in Vegas.

3 Responses to “Gunned Down in Vegas: What Really Happened to Erik Scott?”

  1. Spook45 Says:

    This is just SAD. It is a crying shame in our country when a man gets SHOT AND KILLED for observing a CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHT! The permit issue is out the window. I would he didnt even need a permit, but we all know where that would go. I hope the family files a Wrongfull Death Suit against the Dept, all 3 officers and COSTCO! I once enntertained getting a COSTCO membership, but now I will never even concider it. SAMS is bad enough, but at least they dont call the police when I walk in the door to shop. Been goin there for over a decade and carry my weapon RELIGIOUSLY! I MEAN I WEAR IT LIKE CLOTHES! and I have never been questioned about it nor has it ever been an issue. Knowing this, ANYONE who carries a handgun and goes to this place to do business is crazy! NOT ONE THIN DIME of my money! I havent been in KMART 3 or 4 times in the last 20 years! Ever since they accused sportsman and handgun owners of being BABY KILLERS on channel 5 news! WE NEARLY PUT THEM OUT OF BUSINESS, And we should have! I suggest the same coarse of action for COMMIECO!

  2. John Smith. Says:

    Sounds like business as usual for the police. Lets see no charges. They were justified. Plus they deserve the time off. Oh yeah and an award for bravery against overwhelming odds…

  3. J. Wright Says:

    This is a tragic, unforgivable story. I was taught in my CCL class to always keep my hands in plain sight and advise the police of my weapon. About 2 months after I got my CCL, this was put to the test. Turned out as a case of mistaken identity, based on my truck, but I kept my hands up on top of the cab until the officers told me to take them down.
    On the steering wheel if inside, on the roof if outside, against a building if near, on the ground if not. I don’t get paid to guess what a cop is thinking. This is a case where their thinking was wrong, but the young man is dead either way.