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New Shooter

We definitely have to do more of this.

One Response to “New Shooter”

  1. WPZ Says:

    Absolutely the very best day I ever had on a shooting range, even better that the screwy day I made “B” Revolver Division in USPSA with a Webley Mk VI was the day we ran a “Women on Target” day at Schultz Gun Club in Muskego, WI, a couple of years ago.
    Despite being badly overbooked by mistake, we had 35 women on the range to shoot handguns, shotguns, and some rifles. Most had never shot before, and some had never touched a gun. They had come through a posting at the local park district, curious and eager.
    I rolled down the driveway nine hours later as pleased and satisfied as I ever have.
    Better than all of the USPSA, IDPA, and ICORE matches I’ve ever put one.