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Carry Rig

With Oleg visiting, there were pictures. My primary carry rig follows. I carry a Glock 30 because I like barrels I can stick my thumb in.

From Gun Porn

The magazine in the gun holds ten but the spare mags are full-sized magazines for a Glock 21 that hold 13. That’s 37 rounds of 45ACP, which pretty well means I’m loaded for criminals, bears or Sudden Jihad Syndrome. They rest in a Galco DMC:

From Gun Porn

The Glock itself goes into a Galco Ultimate Second Amendment holster:

From Gun Porn

As you can see, that is one well-worn holster. I like this holster because I can tuck or not. Or wear a belt or not. It’s very convenient.

This stuff usually rests on a Hellweg dress gun belt.

What do you carry?

56 Responses to “Carry Rig”

  1. Will Says:

    Oh, yeah. Colt Officers .45 in a Mitch Rosen ARG, with one (IWB) or two mags ( Galco DMC). Or a Charter Pug .44spl in a LFI (Blocker) IWB rig, with speedloader in a pocket.
    Alternate carry mode: Colt in leather Aker shoulder holster with a modified Galco harness and modified nylon 4 mag pouch for balance. (was originally a belt pouch-haven’t removed the wide belt loops, they add a little cushion for my ribs)
    Charter .44 in a Galco leather shoulder rig with a nylon double speedloader pouch.(Looking for a 4 pocket pouch to help balance it better.) Debating just going to two snubbies for balance.
    Working with a Ken Null upsidedown rig for it, but I’m not satisfied with the harness yet. Might have to make it a double rig also.

  2. GG Says:

    I’m kinda sad no one else carries in a Cleavage Holster ( I love mine. Most commonly, I’ve got GB’s Bersa Thunder .380 in there, but I did stick a Walther P22 in there just to see what would happen.

  3. Ben Says:

    FWIW, neither the bear incident nor the gun shop shootout strike me as CCW situations. I’m not knocking carrying a spare mag, but ~50 round just seems like an awful lot of weight to try and conceal.

  4. Will Says:

    One reason some would be inclined to carry a lot of spare ammo would be to handle an active mass shooter. Sure, you would like to handle it with just a couple shots, but range and cover may leave you just trying to keep him/them bottled up until reinforcements arrive. The first responder to the Columbine School shooting had a pistol, and left after going through two mags of ammo (at maybe 30 yards distance?), all he had, IIRC. With more ammo on hand, things might have turned out differently.
    Sadly, not all ccw’ers would consider engaging such a shooter, unless directly forced by circumstances. I understand if you are escorting family, but otherwise… Not all gun carriers are sheepdogs, I guess.

    With my 4 mag rig, it gives me a grand total of 36 rounds. 7 rounds/mag (single stack). Hmmm, if I switch to my little Glock, it would increase to about 47-51 (can’t load all to 10 rnds, for some reason). Fat little double stack mags are a bit uncomfortable, though. So’s the gun, too.

  5. Ben Says:

    Well count me among the masses who aren’t looking for a North Hollywood shootout. If I carry, I’m looking for protection, not crowd control.If I were ever in a mass shooting, my goal would not be to stand around and trade shots for as long as possible.

  6. Will Says:

    In such a situation, you have three basic choices:


    #1…Run like hell (if possible)
    #2…Hide, and hope they don’t notice/find you
    #3…Engage the shooter(s)

    Circumstances may leave you with only response #3, or you might start with one, then be forced to do another, etc…

    The point is, you may not have a choice, unless you decide to give up and die. Some people do this.

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