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More Serpa Stuff

Caleb has a look atthe supposed booger-hook, bang-switch problem I mentioned before.

Brigid had a different issue with the Serpa.

As for me, I own one. I like for range use but I don’t carry with it because it’s difficult to conceal. And I’ve yet to have an issue with it.

3 Responses to “More Serpa Stuff”

  1. Kevin Baker Says:

    I use mine in competition, either for Steel Challenge or USPSA. You’re right – it’s not a concealment holster, but it’s a nice duty-rig type. I have had no problems with mine, either.

  2. markofafreeman Says:

    As far as concealment goes, I don’t see it as any more difficult to conceal than any other *OWB* holster. It’s a matter of how you choose to carry. I always wear either a hunting-style vest or a heavier over-shirt (over sized, not tucked in). It’s a dead giveaway to those in the know. As far as the law goes, I see nothing in the (NC) law that requires me to hide the *knowledge* that I’m carrying. (Heck, NC *state* law allows carrying unconcealed without a permit, but with serious caveats. Carrier beware.) So I don’t really care that I get the occasional dig from someone at church (like…”don’t give this guy any crap, he’s armed”).

    To me, IWB holsters don’t make for easy enough access. I do agree that there’s no point in a retention holster if you are concealing all the time. I do it because I don’t intend to conceal all the time. A few weeks ago, for the first time, I went about my business (shopping, etc.) openly armed* while visiting family in NH. And if I’m not going to conceal all the time, and therefore use a retention holster at least those times I carry openly, then I want to train and get used to drawing from a retention holster.

    Also, this may be hearsay, but I thought that it was a previous version of the Serpa that actually did position your finger right across the trigger guard, but that newer Serpas actually position it across the slide. I’ve drawn from my Serpa hundreds of times and I can’t see how my finger could inadvertently slip into the trigger guard due to my pressing the release button on the holster.

    *Doing my part to harm the 2A /sarcasm

  3. Bryan S. Says:

    As for hitting the button, I like the design on the iTac holsters a bit better than the serpa, Its big and flat, and positioned high so your finger comes out on the slide.

    As for why we would need it… we cant always carry concealed, mode of dress may not offer that 9it gets easily above 90 here in the summer, and there is now law about open carry. Plus, having the public see firearms in everyday life eases the public opinion over time, IMO.)