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List of places to rob Personally, I’ve never eaten a gun.

19 Responses to “List of places to rob”

  1. mike w. Says:

    I hear polymer is easier on the palate than steel.

  2. Rustmiester Says:

    Lighter on the stomach, too.

  3. wizardpc Says:

    ugh. Their canvassing instructions include special instructions for children

  4. wizardpc Says:

    Also, they are the same people that did the “Guns and Alcohol Don’t Mix” page from last year.

  5. John Says:

    Interesting that there is a “Guns Allowed” selection as well as several restaurants that as listed as such.

  6. ericire12 Says:

    Guns and Alcohol Dont Mix

    I would bet that a Glock would fire when submerged in alcohol. 😀

    Perhaps it should be read: “Gun = free dining” 😀

    Let restaurant customers know which restaurants are posting, or not posting, no-gun signs so that they can make an informed decision about where to spend their dining dollars.

    Works for me!

  7. Dustydog Says:

    Question: What are they going to do if I show up with a gun and order drinks and dinner?

    Answer: Nastily refuse service (which they wouldn’t do if they were actually afraid of me or my gun), while at the same time call 911 to beg people with guns to come to their rescue.

  8. Robb Allen Says:

    This conversation reminds me of the last time I was at the Tampa Bay Brew Pub a few weeks ago. The waitress accidentally gave me a Scottish Ale. Interestingly, I didn’t have even the slightest urge to remove my Glock 20 from its holster and shoot up the place.

    Must be places that serve alcohol have bad feng shui in TN or something.

  9. atrius Says:

    Seems like a handy list of plays to boycott as well. Sauce for the goose…

  10. chris Says:

    Isn’t this the same guy who was the plaintiff in the lawsuit before Chancellor Bonnyman last year?

    This is a public service for us 2A types so we are forewarned about restaurants to avoid.

    Works for me.

  11. chris Says:

    If someone insists on being at the bottom of the food chain, I’ll not block the way.

  12. Zenmastertaz Says:

    It’s crashed out. Bandwidth exceeded.

  13. Sebastian Says:

    Gun tastes best stripped, and the parts dipped in soy sauce with a good helping of wasabi mixed in.

  14. David Says:

    Websites that don’t have enough bandwidth suck.

  15. Countertop Says:

    I think it’s an inactive site. Looks like he had some posts from months ago there, and a ton of restaurants listed (perhaps 200+) but if you actually read through the list 99% were listed as not having been contacted yet.

    In just a random scan of the list I was only able to identify 4 that banned guns, though there were morethan that which allowed guns. But as I said, 99% didn’t have any info.

  16. SDN Says:

    Unless they plan to enforce this with metal detectors at the door, “concealed carry” means they won’t ever know. But I’m sure it makes them feel better.

  17. Tom L Says:

    I left them a message:

    “Thank you for your service. I’m sure its not long until armed robbers, who ignore all laws anyway, much less gun laws, start using your site to choose their next targets. Now I know which restaurants to avoid.”

  18. wizardpc Says:


    This is a rebranding of a site from last year. They’re going through a media blitz in Nashville about it. So while its not new, it’s not inactive.

  19. Barron Barnett Says:

    “Shamless Plug”
    For those in the Moscow Idaho / Pullman Washington area, hit up CD’s smoke pit. If you do, make sure to open carry, 10% discount if you do. Funny thing is, every time I O.C. and the past few times at least one customer gets enthusiastic when they find out about the discount. Ever since they started doing it business has only increased. I go regularly but I’m also friends with the owners.

    Interestingly though, with so many people having carried through there, nothings happened. Amazing is it not!?

    I would avoid restaurants on that list, I find places that prohibit my exercise of fundamental rights to be places that do not desire my business. It is fine for them to do so, but don’t expect to obtain my money.


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