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Guns in parks

Since the law removing restrictions of handguns in parks, an amazing thing happened. Nothing.

Whenever prohibitions on carry are loosened, there’s always calls that there will be blood in the streets and violence at kids’ soccer games. But it keeps not happening.

11 Responses to “Guns in parks”

  1. Jim S Says:

    Dammit! I’ve already donned my patented wading-through-pools-of-blood hip waders.
    What are all those damned law-abiding gun psychos waiting for??

  2. wizardpc Says:

    In other news…Chattanooga has armed guards in their parks? Like, different that the park police they had before this passed?

  3. Jake Says:

    Sigh. Unfortunately, we’ve had our first shooting in a restaurant after the “guns in “bars”” bill – and it was some idiot who shot himself in the leg with a pistol in his pocket after illegally drinking while carrying concealed (with a CHP).

    Of course, our local anti has jumped all over it. I’m sure there will be more, soon.


  4. Shootin' Buddy Says:

    Another victory for pocket carry! People have to stop listening to gun store clerks.

    Keep your pistols out of your pockets, y’all!

  5. wizardpc Says:

    So, Shootin’ Buddy, what do you suggest for those of us who can’t carry using traditional methods?

    I, for example, can’t carry on my hip because I’d get fired.

    You’d rather I leave it at home?

  6. Gunstar1 Says:

    “Not yet.” That is the reply to any statement of “nothing happened” after a loosening of the carry laws.

    Leave them in your pockets, y’all. Just put it in a pocket holster so that the trigger is covered.

  7. Lyle Says:

    I pocket carried using a pocket holster for many years. First a Tomcat and then a Backup .45. If anything I consider it safer than a belt holster, as there often seems to be some reason to unholster (using toilet) whereaas I never had occasion to remove the gun from my pocket unless changing clothes, and it never came out of the holster even then– only to fire it or clean it. I’d still be doing it but that little .45 was too unreliable. Now it’s a full framed Glock on the belt.

    wizardpc; It’s called a long shirt that’s made for not-tucked-in wear. I tested the theory when I started carrying the G20 on a basic hip holster outside the waistband. I told no one at work. No one seemed to notice for a month so I asked if they’d noticed. No one had. Now rather than a eenie weenie pocket gun I have the full sized deal, plus two extra mags. I’m beginning to think a “carry gun” is anything you happen to like. Hmm; maybe I should try an 8″ SA foe tee foe revolver and see if anyone notices…Hmm…

  8. Stuart Reed Says:

    I live in suburban Detroit, recently an annual festival was held in Royal Oak. In the weeks leading up to the fest the city decided to allow open carry (as if it were up to them-another story). The local media was up in arms, letters to the editor were flying, tv interviewed folks on the street, etc, etc.
    Guess what? Record turnout. NO crime of any consequence. No comment or follow up from the local fish wraps or tv outlets after the most successful “Arts, Beats, & Eats” to date.

  9. wizardpc Says:

    I work in a professional setting. Slacks and a dress shirt every day. Can’t do untucked.

  10. Jake Says:

    I work in a professional setting. Slacks and a dress shirt every day. Canít do untucked.

    Unless you’re employer has a “no guns” policy, I’d recommend you try one of these with a Kel-Tec P3AT (or equivalent). I carry with the “MicroClip” at work (law office, so it’s slacks, shirt, and tie) and even people who know I carry have had to ask where it is. The belt clip is visible, but not very noticeable, especially with a dark belt and slacks – and the way modern shirts tend to “blouse” out at the beltline helps, too. Depending on body shape, you may be able to wear a cellphone case or other belt accessory in a position to hide the belt clip (I haven’t found one that works for me, yet).

  11. tweell Says:

    There’s always the daily planner holster.