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We can’t talk about that

A shooting left some people dead. The local news mentioned that the shooters and victims had pretty lengthy criminal records involving guns and violence. So, people protested the news source. mistermix has an interesting post on the fall out.

7 Responses to “We can’t talk about that”

  1. Jack Dupp Says:

    This happened in my city and the immediate fallout caused HUGE economic losses for businesses in the area who rely on downtown nightlife. For over a week there was nothing mentioned about who did it or what the motives were. people were thinking it was random violence and were afraid to go out to restaurants and nightclubs. Buffalo has an enormous welfare class (thanks to NY libs in Albany) and they love to spend the proceeds from their ill-gotten-gains on Henny and Mo-Sippin’ and then shooting up the place when they are sufficiently Crunk.

    The person who is currently in custody for this crime was recently approached by BPD because they noticed his bullet riddled car and they discovered a loaded/chambered Bushmaster AR in his front seat with 6 in the mag (I wonder where the other 24 went). But he was released on OR. I shudder to think what would have happened to me if I was simply caught with unloaded 30 round mags in my possession (it is a felony in NY to even posses high capacity magazines).

    It to me 9 months to get my CCW permit and it took 17 months for my girlfriends to be issued. This excruciating wait is not unusual for those of us who choose the law abiding route. I’m sure the perp didn’t apply for his permit.

    Details of the crime indicate that the shooter summarily executed the victims with forehead shots as they lay injured on the ground from the first salvo.

    BTW: The alleged perp’s street name is “Murder Matt”

    Welcome to Buffalo.

  2. The Duck Says:

    I’d have to look for it but several years ago Chicago PD of all places issued a report, that 80% of the people that commit homoicide are felons, and 70% of the victims are felons

  3. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    Doesn’t the term “felon” apply to more like 100% of the people who commit homicides? Or do they mean they were felons previously?

  4. Tam Says:

    It is a rare murderer indeed who has his first meeting with the police over a still-cooling corpse.

  5. Wolfwood Says:

    Keep in mind that to get a conviction for anything serious, you need to really have your ducks (including those beyond your control) in a row. Obviously the prosecution can screw things up by forgetting some important link. The cops might screw up in any number of seemingly-insignificant ways. Random chance may make the lab machine fail on the relevant test. Witnesses might suddenly disappear or “forget” what they originally told the police (often some variation of “don’t stand so close to me…”). Any of those fail and it may not be possible to prove the serious crime beyond a reasonable doubt.

  6. Wolfwood Says:

    One thing, growing up in the suburbs in a middle-class family, I didn’t realize is that there are people, families, and just plain loosely-knit networks of people who largely just live outside the law. If a crime happens around them, it doesn’t get reported to the police. They may even help the criminal avoid capture or even investigation. The problem, if any, is then taken care of extralegally. Those of use raised to be decent and law-abiding need to realize that not everyone thinks this way.

  7. SPQR Says:

    There is an increasing trend in my experience of criminals who end up dead either in such shootings or at the hands of police / righteous civilian self-defense to make outrageous claims of saint hood and to attack any contrary messenger.

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