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A familiar tale

A letter to the editor in Cali:

My daughter gave her daddy a gun for his birthday. As a law-abiding citizen he went to transfer ownership. Ten days later a letter arrived from the Department of Justice transfer denied, stated my husband is a felon and he cant have fire arms. Shock: He knew he was not a felon, had bought and registered guns for years, and now that department states that he is a felon since 1972 and cant have any guns.

My husband called the Department of Justice. No, they could not tell him what his crime was or anything about it. They could only talk to him about it if he brought up what the crime was first. As he did not know what his crime was, he could not tell them and they refused to give him any information. Their answer was he would have to go to the police department and pay to have a Live Scan or copy of his record done. He did that. Three week later, still no answers.

The take away here, I think, is if you’re going to call the DOJ, have a lawyer. Odd how quickly that got it ironed out.

5 Responses to “A familiar tale”

  1. Wolfwood Says:

    Odd how quickly a lot of things get ironed out when you have a lawyer present. In law school, I took a class in special ed law and, as part of it, sat in on a parent-school meeting to determine what benefits the child would receive. I didn’t say a word, but the mother told me that after a year of stonewalling, it was at this meeting where she had a quasi-lawyer present that the school suddenly became all sweetness and light and gave her everything she asked for.

  2. Michaem Hawkins Says:

    So, who’s up for a “the prisoner” marathon?

  3. deadcenter Says:

    Interesting, they didn’t need a lawyer to get it straightened out, they just needed the threat of a lawyer.

    FOIA letter should be enough to get the file.

  4. ErnestThing Says:

    Sounds like someone just ran the wrong name.

    I just talked to the Ca DOJ and my local ATF field office a bit ago, and both were pleased as punch to explain to me the 4473 address requirements. When I told the FFL, she sighed and said a state auditor specifically told her to have her customers get a non-existant form from the DMV.

  5. nk Says:

    I am a lawyer, and I have won many cases just by filing my appearance. 😉

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