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Zombie Show

Trailer for The Walking Dead:

6 Responses to “Zombie Show”

  1. Jeff the Baptist Says:

    “Make sure you’ve got a round in the chamber and your safety off.”

    Meanwhile the guy is holding a Glock…

  2. yj Says:

    the next video that popped up “Girl Throws Puppy in River” was much more entertaining.

  3. CharlesinAtl Says:

    Ok, this is really creepy. The scenes in the tank were filmed in downtown Atlanta, two block from my office. Atlanta people can recognized Peachtree at Marietta and the Eleventh Circuit Court of Appeals on Forsyth. I walk through the area daily. Need to carry more ammo.

  4. trackerk Says:

    Meanwhile what he should have said is, “stay behind cover.”

  5. Fred Says:

    Easily the best Zombie-based comic book series ever. The books revolve around the group dynamics of the survivors, and shows a few times why other groups of survivors are a bigger threat than the Zeds.

    I’m looking forward to it.

  6. Bobby Says:

    pretty excited for this