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Police and the assault weapons ban

A poll at

On July 30th there had been 607 votes tallied with only 14% responding, “Yes, they are important to officer safety.” The other 86% of the responses were either neutral (”they make no difference”) or against the “assault weapons” ban (No, and in fact they impede my on- and off-duty safety).

Well, ever since the FOP supported the assault weapons ban renewal, I’ve not given them a dime. And I used to be an annual donor. I never will until they recant.

2 Responses to “Police and the assault weapons ban”

  1. Huck Says:

    I used to donate to the FOP too but I stopped after that incident where a cop shot a woman in her own home on a no knock raid, to the wrong address, (there’s a surprise!) and the cop was cleared of all wrongdoing by a court. (another surprise!) The FOP declared it a victory for “officer safety”.

    So FOP approves of “shoot first and assess the situation later” is the impression I got. That, and FOP calling me for donations every month caused me to say “no” to any donations to them.

  2. Link P Says:

    Why does a labor union even find it acceptable to cold call the general public for donations? Donating to the FOP makes about as much sense to me as donating to the AFL-CIO or SEIU.

    Most of the money donated to FOP goes to the telemarketing company anyway. The telemarketer doing the soliciting in Idaho for a different LEO union (I forget which one, but it isn’t FOP.) seems to be unable (more likely just unwilling) to use the Do Not Call list.

    I find the whole concept of police unions soliciting donations to be exploitative of the public’s goodwill toward police.

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