Dude, free bacon

An animal control employee took a pig that had been turned in home, butchered it, and ate it. People are upset. The pig would have probably been killed anyway.

12 Responses to “Dude, free bacon”

  1. Weer'd Beard says:

    People can be such pussies sometimes. I’d imagine a quick out for a pig that was surrendered for god-knows what reasons is probably better than living in a shelter until somebody gives it the needle.

    Also if not raised properly pigs can be really aggressive, so this is also good for the shelter staff who might suffer hoof-scratches, and tusk rakes at the hands of a surly pig.

  2. Les Jones says:

    Based on the article there might be legitimate concerns – depends on whether the article is accurate, natch. Some people expressed interest in adopting the pig. Meanwhile, the employee has a conflict of interest – is he looking out for the best interests of the animal or the best interest of his belly?

  3. Boondoggie says:

    I wonder how many of the shocked people in the community enjoy bacon and pork chops from the supermarket.

  4. Spook45 says:

    Well, at least wasnt a POODLE! This is whats wrong with people today. They are so fucked up they think that the animals have more rights than humans. We NEED this depresion to make people more self sufficiant again and make them GLAD To eat the pig instead of feeling sorry for it. Shotgun, rifle, four wheel drive….well, you know the rest.

  5. Dave says:

    Rules were broken. Folks who wanted to take the animal in as a pet were denied because someone wanted lots of free bacon. Sounds to me like someone is going to lose their job.
    Times being like they are, I’d have kept the job and bought my bacon at the store.

  6. Matt Groom says:


    If people choose to raise food as pets instead of having children, and then decide to get rid of their food/pet because it refused to move out when it turned 18, they shouldn’t be surprised when somebody more realistic and practical than themselves decides to eat their food. I mean, “pet”.

    5000 years ago, eating other humans wasn’t considered that strange or unusual. We can easily regress back to those times in relatively short order. The idea that eating an animal is unacceptable because we have more food than we can make good use of it stupid.

  7. dustydog says:

    The only surprising thing is that there weren’t already rules in place making what he did legal and ok. Oversight on some bureaucrat’s part.

    When a new book comes into the library, the librarian gets first dibs on checking it out.

  8. stencil says:

    What greater benefit to the homeless than to assimilate them? Plus, when a pig has “behavior problems” it’s a major menace; those who “expressed interest” in acquiring it would probably have ended up bringing it back.

  9. Although the pig was killed in June, the incident report wasn’t issued until August 6th. “Part of the reason we are investigating the situation is to determine exactly what the timeline was and should people in management have been made aware of this situation sooner than they were made aware,” said Lovett.

    Plenty of time to get rid of cure, smoke and eat any incriminating evidence.

  10. mikee says:

    Prove I ate it. (Burp)

  11. Dave says:

    The worth of having a pig as a pet aside ( I don’t make friends with bacon either btw) he stole the pig. Steal stuff from work, you lose your job. Seems pretty simple to me. Maybe there should be a rule that allows workers to take the unwanted yet tasty animals. That rule isn’t in place yet, so our pork loving friend is a thief at this point in time.
    Debating about what might or should have happened with the pig is extra gravy, pardon the pun.

  12. SteveA says:

    The article says the pig had behavioral problems. So it didn’t matter how many people wanted to adopt it, from a legal standpoint they couldn’t take the risk to adopt it out. This would have opened them up to a lawsuit if the pig hurt anyone.

    Now with that out of the way . . . Pass the bacon!!