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Stop me if you’ve heard this one before

Second (and third) verse same as the first.

Joe notes the FBI and ATF are having a pissing contest:

The Justice Department has settled a turf war between two federal law enforcement agencies.

A recent audit by the Justice Department’s Office of Inspector General found nationwide conflicts between the FBI and Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives over which agency is in charge for federal explosives investigations.

Funny how this happens year after year. And is never fixed.

11 Responses to “Stop me if you’ve heard this one before”

  1. Spook45 Says:

    I vote for the FBI; even tho the FBI cant find a hooker in whore house(just look at congress)They ca nal least conduct an investigation without burning all of the evidence and killing all those they wish to arrest. Seems that nearly everything ATF touches is a LE debacual. They burn down the house and kill everyone, there is nothing left to investigate.

  2. Jake Says:

    Wasn’t the whole “Homeland Security” umbrella supposed to fix this? /sarc

  3. Molon Labe Says:

    Funny you post this today. I was just talking to an FFL buddy of mine who got invited to a Q&A session yesterday in Harrisburg sponsored by the ATF, FBI, and PA State Police. He said they were completely contradicting eachother and it turned into a real pissing match between the 3 agencies. Lots of bad infomration being doled out. He said the ATF stated that FFL’s can’t sell AMMO to prohibited purchasers. the obvious question was raised “if you don’t need a background check for ammo, how do you know they’re prohibited?” Lots of “um, duh, blah.”

    One troubling thing he told me was that an issue was raised regarding destruction of handgun paperwork. He said the State Police advised the group that although the records are supposed to be destroyed after 24 or 48 hrs, that they put the forms on microfische and keep them “indefinitely?” I thought this was odd. Anyone hear of this?

  4. oldsmobile98 Says:


    This is highly preferable to more Wacos, don’t you agree? A little like gridlock in Congress.

    Let’s hope both unconstitutional agencies (not the agents themselves, mind you) end up like the gingham dog and the calico cat.

    Now if we can only get the TSA, the IRS, and the DHS to enter the fray…

    @ Molon Labe:

    I really hope someone got that on video. Or audio.

    The government NEVER truly destroys anything with citizen info on it. Especially if it has to do with firearms.

  5. RuffRidr Says:

    Easy fix. Disband the ATF.

  6. John Smith. Says:

    I find it amusing that 2 groups who are at such odds for each other have never gotten into a shootout. Of course no one would be killed because they can only hit unarmed civilians but still it surprises me it has never happened.

  7. Joe Huffman Says:


    It was the FBI that took over the case after the first day in Waco and burned the place to the ground with the kids inside.

    It was the FBI that took over from the ATF and U.S. Marshals then illegally shot Randy and Vicki Weaver and Kevin Harris at Ruby Ridge.

  8. B Smith Says:

    I’ve always wondered why we have more than one federal-level police agency (and I often think even that may be too much).
    It seems that such a multi-agency setup just BEGS for competition (and thus non-cooperation) for more tax dollars. People die because of this, and we are shelling out for it. Why?

  9. Dean Says:

    B Smith,

    Because general police power is supposed to reside in the states while each Federal Agency was created to enforce laws related to a specific and limited area of Federal jurisdiction. The ATF is supposed to be a revenue agency for the collection of Federal excise taxes.

  10. Joe Huffman Says:


    It was in the Treasury Department in the beginning but bounced back and forth to the Department of Justice a few times. The tax collection aspect is now separate from the criminal enforcement.

    The history is here.

    I keep looking in the Constitution for authorization of their mission. As near as I can tell they are working off a completely different document.

  11. blounttruth Says:

    This is a fuster cluck by design. I would imagine both entities are receiving federal money (YOUR TAX DOLLARS) to do a sub par if not out right incompetent job in explosives investigations. I’m no 9/11 truther, but the NYC Fire fighters are now coming out asking why there were ZERO explosive investigations done at the 9/11 scene after many eye witness and even main stream media outlets reported secondary explosions and explosive devices found in the towers. Out of the two departments not one single investigation was conducted into these claims by the fire fighters. Federal bureaucracy at its finest and rest assured that the reason this is an issue year after year is because neither will relinquish their federal funding for such investigations. The fire fighters are questioning why national standards were not followed.

    If citizens looking for the truth about 9/11 offends you do not watch this video. If you are among the 78% of Americans that feel the 9/11 commission report was incomplete please watch:

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