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You mean it’s like shopping online?

Robb on sales tax holidays:

Imagine how much of a boost to the economy you could do if you started cutting taxes nation wide.

So, you can get the same savings a few days per year and have to leave your house.

3 Responses to “You mean it’s like shopping online?”

  1. Robb Allen Says:

    Can’t shop for clothes that well online. Especially if you have ovaries. A size 9 in one brand is a size 7 in another is a size 10 in yet another. And it’s hard to tell from a 400×300 pixel JPG if a pair of pants is going to make you look fat.

    And most of the time, shipping costs overshadow any tax savings.

    It’s a moot point, however. Give it another few years and they will be taxing Internet sales just the same. Can’t have a thriving economy, especially if there’s no graft to be had.

  2. Stranger Says:

    And if you are an odd size, there is no use shopping at the mall. The “stocking computer” keeps track of the most popular sizes and restocks in those sizes only. Which leaves those of us with adequate lung capacity but who are less than 76 inches tall with nothing that fits on the shelf.

    Of course – there are plenty of 28″ waist, 38″ inseam pants on the shelf. Along with the 14″ inch neck and 36 inch arm shirts that match. And there are plenty of “full fit” 17 1/2″ neck, 38″ arm shirts that will not button over a 40″ waist.

    I don’t know what sort of a pencil necked geek wears those clothes.

    And, as Robb says, shipping eats up the tax savings. At 7%, a $50.00 item costs $3.50 in taxes, or $10.00 to ship.


  3. Ian Argent Says:

    Sales tax may die to be replaced by use tax. (There are sound reasons for internet vendors to not be responsible for sales tax, but the .gov needs their bite from the cost).

    Enforcement will be the big issue – but I expect that CC companies will eb forced to provide the necessary information come tax time.