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I figured Kucinich

Amazing: There are 70 Congressional Democrats that are members of the Socialist Party.

10 Responses to “I figured Kucinich”

  1. Spook45 Says:

    Yes, and after the election, they are the first 70 that should be investigated, tried for treason, and sumarialy SHOT. There is no room in the USA for that kind of casual communist crap. BETTER DEAD THAN RED!

  2. Tam Says:

    This is my shocked face -> 😐

  3. ericire12 Says:

    Alternate headline:
    Really? Only 70?

  4. Bubblehead Les Says:

    70 that are stupid enough to put their names on documents. Wonder what the count would be if you added in the Fellow Travelors and the Sympatheisers?

  5. Stranger Says:

    Actually, there are 71 that have been “outed.” Add the “Honorable” Mary Joy Kilroy (D-OH15) to the list of the people Joe McCarthy told us about.

    Circumstantially, about half the list is “out.” If you add the “useful idiots” there are close to 50 in the Senate and 250 in the House.


  6. Mu Says:

    The Socialist Party of America must be on it’s last leg, they can’t even afford their own website and need to use a free social publishing site for their announcements.

  7. RML Says:

    I guess nobody went to read the source materials ( as linked to by the original posters:

    “Attention to all the Republican & Tea Party pundits and bloggers

    “The information which has been circulated across many blogs was echoed and reshaped be each reader and makes you all look like fools i.e.:



    Joined: 04 Sep 2006
    Posts: 42140

    “Quote: The Socialist Party of America announced in their October 2009 newsletter that 70 Congressional democrats currently belong to their caucus.

    “The problem here is the Socialist Party of America does not exist.

    “The second problem is the newsletter of question/statement also does not exist. Here is the DSA newsletter for the Fall of 2009 and here is the SP-USA’s newsletter which never published an October 2009 edition.

    “The American Socialist Party is not the Socialist Party USA and the Socialist Party of America has not existed since 1973 after it had a three way split.

    T”his page is about the Democratic Socialists of America which is not a party but rather a PAC, political action committee.

    “The list of 70 names does not belong to any socialist organization. It was quoted from the Progressive Caucus which to any right-winger is too liberal. For socialists it is too liberal in the other direction. ”

    Not that facts should interfere with keeping the ant pile stirred up and prompting some cheap threats of execution of others exercising their First Amendment (that’s the one before the Second) rights.

  8. Lyle Says:

    Those are just the ones who are open enough about it to sign up.

    How many Republicans?

    It has been said that communism wasn not defeated at the end of the Cold War. Rather it escaped. That goes without saying, but it is an intereting way of putting it.

  9. Billll Says:

    Kucinich is a member of the Progressive Caucus.

  10. DirtCrashr Says:

    That’s just Congress, the Administration has many more.

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