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Mayors Against Guns

Bloomberg pulls gun permits of disabled cops.

5 Responses to “Mayors Against Guns”

  1. Spook45 Says:

    HEH; OH YEA! That’el get em re-elected! Hes digging his own hole with no help from anyone on the right or in the middle!

  2. Captain Holly Says:

    Wouldn’t this be a blatant violation of the Americans With Disablities Act?

    This is truly a head-exploding moment for those on the Left.

  3. ATLien Says:

    Tyranny. Kill him.

  4. Bubblehead Les Says:

    Now Bloomberg is going after disabled cops? Hey you stupid idiot, the next time you decide to come out in public, and all the cops that are surrounding you start to walk away, just remember that your political aides probably won’t be able to stop the guy who wants a piece of you! And they removed Term Limits for this yahoo?

  5. Paul Says:

    Aw shucks… so the NYC politicians are gonna shaft the NYPD disabled cops.

    Well personally the NYPD cops, who would throw my posterior in prison if I showed up in NYC with my Glock, can get the shaft for all I care.

    I mean, it’s like a mother Ogre eating her young. Why should that bother me?

    Until the day the NYPD says the 2nd Amendment is what it says and allows us to pack our guns in NYC without hassle, well they can take the permits from ANY retired cop for all I care. Heck, NYC can pull all of them. Maybe that will wake up a lot of people.

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