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Why won’t you stupid cousin-humping rednecks vote for us? Because you have the wrong states?

6 Responses to “Interesting”

  1. Shootin' Buddy Says:

    If no one wanted to do, then there would not be a law.

  2. Spook45 Says:

    I dont suppose the IDOTS at that one site there that calls people lemmings ever concidered the possability that people might just value thier freedom and rights more that some fucked up govt program. I fit the description they use; I dont make enough money to buy insurance, and when the time comes, I will NOT purchase something I cant afford and more to the point DO NOT WANT! I will not be MADE to buy something I dont want OR NEED. More over, I WILL QUIT MY JOB AND LIVE IN A BOX UNDER A BRIDGE BEFORE I GIVE ONE THIN FUCKING DIME TO THOSE COMMUNIST VAMPIRES WHO CLAIM TO REPRESENT ME! In all reality, the response will likely be something FAR MORE NEFARIOUS.

  3. Tam Says:

    When Percy C. Throckmorton III marries his cousin, that’s just good breeding. It’s how you get refined creatures with tiny braincases like afghan hounds and Yankee liberal aristocrats.

  4. Mu Says:

    You’re reading that wrong, NY and CA don’t need to prohibit it sine the people there know not to do it. It’s in Arkansas where you have to spell it out 😉

  5. Weer'd Beard Says:

    Heh, I will note that there are just as many Cousin’ Humping rednecks and related jokes in Maine as any “Deep South” State. 😉

  6. Sebastian Says:

    It could be that perhaps cousin humpery was outlawed in states where it was prevalent, after the powers that be determined that to hump one’s cousin was no longer acceptable behavior.

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