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Not Getting It

Our president, and former constitutional law professor:

Since the enactment of health reform legislation in March, several state Attorneys General have filed lawsuits challenging the constitutionality of the Affordable Care Act. Having failed in the legislative arena, opponents of reform are now turning to the courts in an attempt to overturn the work of the democratically elected branches of government.

They don’t seem to get how it works. And speaking of democratically, voters don’t seem to be fan of what the democratically elected branches of government did.

4 Responses to “Not Getting It”

  1. Bruce MacMahon Says:

    You know, just like when Obama told the people of Arizona he was going to respect their right to pass laws through their democratically-elected state legislature.

  2. USCitizen Says:

    Hey, who is the Gunbook chick?

  3. Vote For David Says:

    Lecturer. Not a Professor.

    (or a citizen, but who’s counting?)

  4. divemedic Says:

    Hahaha. You mean like the 8 years of the Bush administration when people non stop attacked the democratically elected government?

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