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Boiled peanuts

If you’re a redneck like me, odds are you’ve had these while tailgating or from a street vendor in the mountains. But our yankee friends probably haven’t had them. They’re tasty and easy to make. Most folks just do this with salt and water. I like to kick it up a little bit. Assemble ingredients:

From Home Life

Green peanuts, unsalted
Chicken stock or bullion works
Kosher or sea salt
Creole seasoning

This is a small batch. Usually, over a campfire, do five pounds or so. But it’s hot out (105 currently), so I won’t be starting a fire. And I’m just cooking for the family.

Crack open a beer and have some if you want. Then get another and poor in a large pot. Add peanuts. Add about two cups of chicken stock then fill the pot half way with water. The nuts float so you can’t really cover them completely. Add 1/4 cup of salt and three or so tablespoons of Creole seasoning:

From Home Life

Boil for three hours. Taste the stock mixture occasionally to see if you need to add salt or anything else. And add water or beer as needed. When done, let cool. You’re not eating the shells, though. Just crack open and enjoy.

Now, I must wait for three hours.

25 Responses to “Boiled peanuts”

  1. Countertop Says:

    Love sucking the juice out of them.

  2. Mr Evilwrench Says:

    Hey, some of us yankees aren’t as provincial as you accuse us of being. I like the sound of this kicked up version, think I might make some myself.

  3. TheOtherLarry Says:

    I love goobers! The problem in yankeeland is you can’t find green peanuts.

  4. tgirsch Says:

    This seems too much like work. Though I don’t believe I’ve ever had boiled peanuts. Are they anything like edamame? 🙂

  5. SayUncle Says:

    texture is similar.

  6. John Smith Says:

    Just pop in your mouth and 15 minutes later respiratory failure. Like magic.

  7. Shootin' Buddy Says:

    You’re right, this Yankee doesn’t get it.

    Peanuts need to be boiled? Can they carry infection? What’s wrong with raw peanuts?

  8. hillbilly Says:

    I ain’t no Yankee.

    And I hate boiled peanuts.

    They are sort of like hot, salty snot and boogers inside a soaked, soggy, used-to-be-crunchy shell.

    To be honest, I think most folks down here like the idea of boiled peanuts more than they like boiled peanuts themselves.

  9. ericire12 Says:

    beer is a nice touch.

  10. Jerry Says:

    That Tony’s Creole is the shizzil. I put it on EVERYTHING.

  11. Standard Mischief Says:

    Had them cold out of a can once. Nothing to write home about. I’ll bet at the Organic High Price place they have raw peanuts, else they’re not available around here.

    The biggest question I have is you say they have to be cold? I though the appeal was that they’re hot and fresh out of the cauldron from the little stand by the side of the road where they have been boiling for hours?

    Maryland: the reason why they created the phrase, “the deep south”.

  12. Roger Says:

    I discovered them the first time when I attended, Daytona Bike week. I never knew how good peanuts were until then. Hot from the large black pot, served by an elderly black man and his daughter. I told him I’d never had them before & he indulged me a small handful. I think I made up at least half of his profits for the weekend after that.
    Further exposure to them was found as Sebring Int’l speedway for several events. Maybe thats why I go back again and again. (Or maybe the vintage cars or fast cars or just to get out of the house???) Thanks for the recipe. Now I must find green peanuts here in Southeast Florida. Do I have to get a black pot to do them in???


  13. charlie Says:

    I had a 12 pack last nite with lots on peanuts and made my own it takes all nite this morning had to flush it down the toilet

  14. Liston Says:

    Being a cracker from South Georgia, I must admit to a purist point of view:


    Nuttin else is needed.

  15. Rustmiester Says:

    Right on time, Unc. I bought a bag and was fixin’ to look for recipes.

  16. SayUncle Says:

    The biggest question I have is you say they have to be cold?

    No. I like them warm. Just let them cool or it’s like putting a coal in your mouth.

  17. DirtCrashr Says:

    My Florida cracker redneck buddy Baxter has these at his house – after eating the South Indian version (them Kerela Dra-vidians are damn backwater rednecks!) which are incredibly flaming spicy-HOT I found them to be quite mild and bland. 🙂

  18. Randy Says:

    Sorry, I agree with hillbilly. Can’t stand’em and I’m Texas born and bred.

  19. Standard Mischief Says:

    No. I like them warm.

    Oh OK, I re-read it. The three hours are to cook the goobers, not allow them to cool.

    And I suppose the recipe works with Budweiser, and may not work correctly with that growler of craft-brewed Bacon-Stout IPA I picked up over the weekend.

    I found the raw peanuts in the store in Maryland at Giant, but they’re not claiming to be the immature pods that W’pedia says are traditional. Then again, what else are they sold for?

  20. SayUncle Says:

    Any beer works, in my experience. Those green peanuts should be fine.

  21. Standard Mischief Says:

    never mind again, I see the Sam Adams in the background there.

  22. Justthisguy Says:

    There’s a reason why this is traditionally done outdoors. My Dad used to boil them in the house frequently, making the whole house smell like mold and grave dirt. Yeah, I like ’em too, I just won’t be present indoors where they are being boiled.

  23. Standard Mischief Says:

    much better than out of a can, but still not very spicy, though I cooled off the first ladle of peanuts with some tap water.

    I used a can of yuengling black and tan and bumped the tony’s up to a 1/4 cup. I also use one can of (low fat and low salt) chicken stock and the same coarse kosher salt you used. Then I cheated by pressure cooking the entire batch for only one hour.

    It’s tough to type this because I keep stopping to snack on them.

    The raw peanut package says, “as with many agricultural food products, it is recommended that raw peanuts be cooked before consumption”.

  24. SayUncle Says:

    You can add more seasoning for spicy. I some times add a bit of cayenne when the kids aren’t going to eat any.

    And the pressure cooker is an excellent idea.

  25. Standard Mischief Says:

    I’m a “shout it from the rooftops” enthusiastic supporter of pressure cookers, but many people see them steam and hiss and worry that they are bombs ready to explode,

    I can sterilize surgical tools, distill pure water, steam rice, bake meatloaf, cook a pot of beans without pre-soaking, and make stews, soups, and boiled peanuts in about a third of the normal time.

    Hands down my most versatile kitchen tool ever.

    You can get red pepper dirt cheap in a Koran grocery store, but the smallest package may be two pounds. Next time I’ll hit that. I have ample supplies left over from kimche making.

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