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My shocked face

I mean, I kinda figured it out when they were in Alaska digging through her trash but not one of them really commented on Wright.

But it seems that the media coordinated its attack on Palin. I never understood that, really. Palin was not ready for prime time and she kept screwing up all on her own.

4 Responses to “My shocked face”

  1. divemedic Says:

    Palin wasn’t ready for prime time, but BHO was? I think that has proven to be untrue.

    I don’t think ANYONE could withstand the sort of concerted attack that was waged against Palin. Look at what the media did to Bush and FOR Clinton. Palin was slammed for being a hick, so she bought a new wardrobe, so they slammed her for spending a boatload of cash on a new wardrobe. They slammed her about foreign policy experience, and for comments a comedienne made imitating her, but BHO got a pass on his lack of experience, etc.

    If you repeat a lie often enough, it becomes the truth. This is why so many people believe that Clinton balanced the budget, even though the national debt increased every year that he was in office.

  2. DirtCrashr Says:

    And Charlie Gibson rigged his TV interview with her. I think their hatred for her got the better of them, they obviously saw her as a enormous threat of some kind – which either speaks to her actual capacity or reflects on their tiny manliness.

  3. Hartley Says:

    DirtCrashr, she STILL terrifies them – everything she does is scrutinized for errors, omissions or ANYTHING they can use to reinforce the narrative that she’s incompetent or somehow dangerous. They feel the same way about the tea party movement, but that one seems to have them boggled.
    My wife made a disparaging comment about Palin the other day, so I asked why she felt that way about her – and EVERYTHING she ascribed to Palin actually came from SNL.
    If the current POTUS was subjected to the same treatment Palin or his predecessor got, his approval rating would be in negative exponents instead of just steadily declining.

  4. Snackeater Says:

    “…and she kept screwing up on her own.” When was that? I don’t recall her ever screwing up. Only having it reported that she did. Sounds like somebody’s been watching too much ABCNNBCBSNL.

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