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What sort of lampshade?

Coolest lamp ever:

From Gun Porn

You can win it here.

12 Responses to “What sort of lampshade?”

  1. LC Scotty Says:

    It’s a major award!!

  2. Tam Says:

    Multicam lampshade, of course.

    DO WANT!

  3. 2yellowdogs Says:

    Something like this, perhaps?

  4. breda Says:

    Is that legal in MA?

  5. Papa Whiskey Says:

    Frageelay! Must be Italian.

  6. RML Says:

    From the Imperial Death Star Collection by Lord Vader for Target.

  7. theirritablearchitect Says:

    Something as tactical as this needs something other than standard base E27 bulbs, more befitting a lever rifle or Colts revolver.

    At lease step up to a low-voltage halogen MR-16, or something equally tactical.

  8. Sean OH Says:

    Tactical Bacon lampshade of course!

  9. Stan Says:

    I will have to show that to the boss, need to something with stuff that comes in out of specs.

  10. McVee Says:

    You could form a drum shade out of black kydex…that would look cool.

  11. Jerry Says:

    I crossed my Bing-Thai with my Goggle-Fu and found this one.

  12. rickn8or Says:


    I think Liz Taylor once owned a hat like that.

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