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A list

A look at Chicago’s list of ‘unsafe’ handguns.

14 Responses to “A list”

  1. McVee Says:

    Considering the majority of these companies have been out of business for some time and have not produced new products(Chicago firearms company?)since…ever, what does this say about the effectiveness of Daley’s beloved gun buyback programs?

  2. Mike M. Says:

    Most of what they list is a random collection of long-extinct manufacturers, almost all of whose products are either Curio and Relic or antique.

    But if you really wanted to crush them in court, Unique is the gun. Go Google for the DES-32 or DES-69U. These are VERY high-end target pistols.

  3. McVee Says:

    Ok, I just googled the DES; just look at those grips, especially designed to assist in the proper sideways hold…

    That pistol is totally gangsta!
    peace out (err or whatever the kids say now…)

  4. Chris L. Says:

    Marlin is on the list too. Are they talking about the Camp Carbines? Or did Marlin make a handgun at sometime?

  5. Chris L. Says:

    Found this at the Marlin site….
    From 1870-1899, Marlin produced extremely well-made derringers and revolvers in a wide variety of styles.
    Guess they did lol

  6. nk Says:

    They’re looking to deny poor people relatively inexpensive weapons. The so-called “Saturday Night Specials”.

  7. Pat Says:

    I know they made firearms at one point but I always think of the Red Ryder when I hear Daisy. They are on the list. The other that struck me was th Sig Mosquito. Must be a name thing.

  8. Yu-Ain Gonnano Says:

    Is gun! Not meant to be safe!

  9. Lumpy Says:

    I can only wonder if the list was compiled primarily from all the junk they have been paying out on, at gun turn-in days in the past?

  10. bwm Says:

    I was kind of disappointed not to see Glock on there. Did you know those damn things don’t even have a safety?

  11. Jake Says:

    I know they made firearms at one point but I always think of the Red Ryder when I hear Daisy. They are on the list.

    You’ll shoot your eye out!

  12. nk Says:

    BB guns, including the Red Ryder, are illegal in Chicago and in Elmwood Park, first ring suburb which I imagine struck a deal with Chicago to pass the same law.

    I’m in a third ring suburb, and the daughter and I saw a beautiful Ruger pellet rifle for under $200.00, that promises 1,000 fps, in the Sportsmart in the town next to us, but the box had a sticker on it that said “Not for [your town]”.


  13. Geodkyt Says:


    Enfield model .380/200 revolvers are unsafe?

    Underpowered, sure, but UNSAFE?

    Oh, I get it — they LOOK kinda like an H&R to the ignorant!

  14. Thomas Says:

    “DES69u” , great , ban a handgun only used by olympic shooters ,
    and “Le Francais Gaulois model” ? an early 20th century piece of history , even in France everyone over 18 can buy one because it uses 8mm black powder cartridges that you can’t find anymore …

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