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An apt comparison

Comparing Richard Daley to George Wallance:

In an afternoon press conference, Daley announced that the city would enact new ordinances making it as difficult as possible to purchase and own a gun in Chicago. During his rant, he promised to seek ways to attack the right to bear arms from the supply side, vowing to go after manufacturers and crack down on gun shops and gun shop owners. He also noted that only “responsible adults” would be allowed to purchase or possess guns and left open the extremely disturbing question of who gets to determine which citizens are responsible and therefore ‘worthy’ of civil rights.

After all, when you hear Mayor Daley proclaim his intentions to subvert the clear ruling of the Supreme Court, it is hard not to remember Governor George Wallace standing in the doorway of the University of Alabama’s Foster Auditorium blocking access to African-American students Vivian Malone Jones, Dave McGlathery and James Hood after the 1954 Supreme Court ruling in Brown v. Board of Education.

Via Joe.

6 Responses to “An apt comparison”

  1. Mu Says:

    The scheme will be pretty simple. Delay everybody’s background checks until they are past the deadline. Sue every dealer who sells without background check completed. As a result, there will be lots of gun shops in neighboring counties doing extremely well, think liquor stores next to the dry county line.

  2. Jester Says:

    Later in life, Wallace stated in several interviews that he knew very well that his stand for the status quo of segregation was wrong and contra to the laws of the land, yet he persisted as a segregationist because he wanted to stay in power. He knew that the majority of voters in Alabama at the time would support him as a segregationist. Of course that majority changed quickly later in the 60’s as did Wallace’s stance on civil rights. Wallace was a calculating politician all about staying in power (heck, he ran his wife as a stand in for himself in the mid 70’s)…I doubt Daley is much different. Daley calculates that he is representing the majority viewpoint re guns, yet the pendulum has been swinging away from him for years now.

  3. John Smith Says:

    This spineless weasel is such and incredible ingrate. I could not imagine being ruled over by such a man. He makes obamas crew look like a bastion of conservative thinking.

  4. Ron W Says:

    Why doesnn’t Mayor Daley simply lead by example and announce that he will not have any armed protection?

    Maybe he forgets, or doesn’t care, that he is a public servant and an employee who serves by “delegated powers” from the people.

  5. Jailer Says:

    How does this ass clown get elected to office? Why don’t people use his tactics against him. Organize a massive campaign against his re election bid. I’m sure several big players would step up and lend a helping hand to boot him from office.

    Let him play his games, we can play too.

  6. denbo Says:

    You ask how he gets elected? Two main reasons: 1) the Machine is all-powerful in Chi-town, and 2) if you gave every person who regularly casts ballots in Chicago an IQ test, most would be declared legally retarded. Or dead. One of the two.