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In Chicago

New gun laws passed. No gun ranges. One gun a month.

Alan Gura addresses them.

15 Responses to “In Chicago”

  1. nk Says:


  2. Stormy Dragon Says:

    One also’s how one is supposed to get this five hours of training if the gun can’t leave your house.

  3. Stormy Dragon Says:

    One also wonders, even.

  4. Dave Says:

    Not only that, one would assume that at least some of that five hours of training would have to occur at the ranges that are apparently going to be illegal.
    Well, we have progressed from a ban to a de facto ban, if you can call that progress.

  5. nk Says:

    If you leave in Chicago and have an FOID

    and somehow

    you bring a gun onto your own home, or your own land, or own fixed place of business

    and you don’t flash it

    and the Chicago police only find out about it when you use it for self-defense or defense of an innocent other person

    you cannot be prosecuted for it.

  6. nk Says:

    *leave* = Freudian typo — *live*

  7. Rob Robideau Says:

    Compare that with this reaction in Wisconsin:

  8. Paul Says:

    So the next lawsuit ought to argue that if you have the right to self-defense, and the right to ‘keep’ as well as ‘bear’ the guns, including handgunds, then you must have the MEANS to do this.

    After all, ‘regulated’ is part of the 2nd Amendment to. ‘Regulated’ ment being practice, skilled, competent.

    And to be that you need GUN RANGES and the abilty to go to them.

    So on to the next lawsuit!

  9. Dann Says:

    One thing I have yet to see mentioned, did Daley’s new gun law exempt current “grandfathered” handgun owners (most who are political cronies) or do they have to go through all the same hoops?

  10. Bubblehead Les Says:

    See that the possession of laser sighting devices is banned, so the new S+W’s with the built- in lasers would be prohibited. Defacto illegal, because Mayor Daily Kos has established a new set of standards outside the scope of McDonald, thus declaring Chicago Law supercedes McDonald, 2nd and 14th Amendments, plus the Supremacy Clause. Looks like Gura won’t be job hunting for awhile. P.S. If Dailey keeps quoating his law is based on input from the Joyce Foundation, then he is acknowledging that an extra-legal, non-elected body is determining the laws for the citizens of Chicago, which violates the Constitution.

  11. Kasper Says:

    I suppose the gun range ban is just acknowledging that many parts of the city are pretty much a shooting range…

  12. Liston Says:

    Chicagoans need to vote this despotic regime out.

    Until then, it will be a struggle for all of them, just as it is for Dick Heller in DC.

  13. David Says:

    I can imagine that the criminal types are as confused as we are.

    Oh wait… (face palm)

  14. Mikee Says:

    It is all for the chilllllldren!
    Think of the liiiiiiives that will be saved!
    This is reeeeeeeasonable gun regulation!
    Daley is an Honnnnnnnest Politiciannnnnn!

    I can’t write lies like that anymore. My brain hurts.

  15. straightarrow Says:

    No matter how many lawsuits are filed and even won against crap like this, the Daleys of the nation will replace the defeated law with another just as egregious, requiring another lawsuit. In this way they can extend this fight for centuries. No! That is not hyperbole, centuries.

    This will only be settled when there are unpleasant ramifications are visited upon the abusers. Since we have no expectations, realistic or fanciful, of these ramifications being supplied by the justice system we have only one way to settle this issue peacefully. That is surrender. Let them have their way. That is the only avenue to peaceful resolution.

    If you find that to be anathema to your rights and our nation then the only way to settle this to its proper conclusion is force.

    Anything less will not work, because the tyrants lose nothing, even when they lose. Force will change the solution to that equation and as things now stand, it is the only thing that will.

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