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In case you didn’t know

It turns out that the supreme court reversing a law that prohibits a black man from being armed is racist:

If you think the 5-4 partisan hack decision denying the City of Chicago the right to ban handguns is about guns, you’re wrong. (It’s the same 5-4 GOP block — with some face changes — that put Bush in the White House and bestowed Corporate Personhood in the Citizens United Case, in short a radical right activist majority of judges.)

It’s about white males in America feeling threatened by becoming a minority and the gun is their last psychological reassurance of entitlement power against an encroaching demographic change in our democracy.

That’s why the case was brought by a black man.

That’s a whole big helping of stupid right there.

7 Responses to “In case you didn’t know”

  1. Wolfwood Says:

    Wait…3/5 of 5/4 is “the same”?

  2. Breda Says:

    maybe he’s not the right kind of black. You know – like Clarence Thomas and Condi Rice.

  3. Thirdpower Says:

    Did you know that the Supreme Court Justices kept felons and mentally ill as prohibited persons expressly to disarm blacks?

  4. Lyle Says:

    The Left can’t help it. Apparently they are obsessed with race, and therefore assume everyone else is obsessed with race. We bring up substantive issues, and they assume we are motivated by nothing but race. Ever.

  5. Henry Says:

    Lyle: Kinda like hoplophobia. Projection etc. I think that’s right.

  6. Bubblehead Les Says:

    “Yassa Massa Dailey, Don’t you wurries none, your boy Karlin be a blogging on how wesun coloreds loved it when yousin white peoples wouldn’t let us have no guns no how in trade fer votes and welfare checks. Ise be right ons it!” Clarence Thomas =Malcom X? Does that make him Clarence X, leader of the NEW New Black Panthers?

  7. Ron W Says:

    Did Daley disarm?

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