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Guns and sex

Personally, any who somehow think guns have a sexual connotation are usually insane. And those that tend to assume others have the same thought are ignorant. But sometimes people represent them as sex objects to convey a point or to be shocking. The guns, that is. But sometimes a girl with a gun is just a girl with a gun.

4 Responses to “Guns and sex”

  1. B Smith Says:

    Penis envy? Really? What does that say about me, since I’m looking for a girlfriend who’s into guns, and have introduced many women to shooty fun?
    Don’t-ask-don’t-tell, I suppose.

  2. Bubblehead Les Says:

    And for the ladies: Sean Connery holding a Walther! “Bond.James Bond”. My 74 year old mother still sighs whenever Goldfinger comes on the tube.

  3. chris Says:

    This chick is serious skank – like a good many other pop starlets.

    I think that I would get myself checked out if I had relations with her.

  4. ryan Says:

    As Massad Ayoob said if guns were phallic symbols no man would own one with a two inch barrel.