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Breaking the law?

As a general rule, it’s a bad idea to post a video of yourself committing a felony on youtube. But this Brady Campaign video shows a Virginia resident buying a handgun out of state at a gun show (ETA: Go to about 2:15). And that is a crime. Also, looks to be a straw purchase.

And he admits to illegal purchases in other states.

And they say it’s all legal, which it’s not. That is, presuming, that what happened in the video is what really happened. As we’ve learned from other folks who go undercover and report that they did something legal at a gun show (which turns out not to be), the story changes quickly. Ask the Boston Globe’s Steve Bailey.

Unless I’m missing something.

13 Responses to “Breaking the law?”

  1. Spook45 Says:

    IDIOTS! Heh, they did something like this at the Goodmans show in Nashville a few years ago. Channel 5 sent in some “undercover” reporters and commited about six or seven FELONIES on camera. They went out and when they came back in, the security personel at the door saw the “hidden camera” (posted no cameras w/o permission) and detained them. After watching the video, they called Metro and notified ATF. They got charged and made deals to close the cases(convictions). If someone doesnt chafge these assholes, that will tell where the law really is(not law at all, but tyrany).

  2. Wolfwood Says:

    Well, Elena Kagan at least says laws are no big deal because they don’t have to be enforced.

  3. wizardpc Says:

    Spook you got sources on that? I have a real hard time believing the WTVF crew didn’t know the Goodman staff had no legal authority to detain them, confiscate their equipment, and watch the tape. Journalists, especially investigative journalists, know a whole lot about those things so they don’t get themselves in trouble.

  4. RWC Says:

    Comments disabled on a Brady video…..SHOCKA!!!!!

    Colin, do you think thugs and criminals go through background checks.

    Would have been nice to have an armed citizen at VT wouldn’t it?

  5. Standard Mischief Says:

    Comments are disabled on all Brady and ProtestEasyGuns videos on YouTube as a matter of policy. Ratings too are disabled. Otherwise they would spend all their wakeful time erasing comments to their videos to keep up the myth that they have real grassroots supporters.

  6. Freiheit Says:

    Via SharpAsAMarble – ATF is on it

  7. straightarrow Says:

    The staff had as much legal authority to hold them for the police as any homeowner finding a lawbreaker in his home, or any witness to a crime has to detain the criminal if he can.

  8. mike w. Says:

    Heh, check out this comment on the ARFCOM Thread.

    “I thought calling the ATF was a little harsh, but then he said “clip.” Burn the fucker.”

    I laughed out loud.

  9. John Says:

    I wouldn’t call the ATF. Instead, notify the Virginia Attorney General via postal mail (and email) and cite Virginia and federal laws that were believed violated. Be thorough, be polite, be logical, and for the love of all that is holy, use spell and grammar checkers. Following up with a few phone calls might be helpful, too.

    Now, my take, for the small amount it’s worth: If this group is so concerned that the “gun show loophole” will make guns accessible to hardened criminals who will use them to shoot up schools, does that also mean that they’re hardened criminals, too, who will also use them shoot up schools?

    Of course they won’t. But obviously logical arguments don’t work on some people.

    Perhaps we could remind them that Cho didn’t go to gun shows to buy from private sellers. If memory serves, he went to a federally-licensed firearms dealer, filled out the 4473, did the background check, and waited the prerequisite period of time before taking possession of those firearms.

    Nope — they won’t listen.

    Send it YouTube, too — and let ’em know that there’s somebody committing felonies and posting videos of them.

  10. Standard Mischief Says:

    That is, presuming, that what happened in the video is what really happened

    Well they say that Colin Goddard was wearing the hidden camera, and when they make the sale, they blank out the buyers face for just a moment (at 1:28), So I would guess that it was, according to this article, Doug Smith who made the purchase. He’s a legal resident it seems.

    Colin Goddard helped the Brady bunch make a lying, distorted video that should have made Michael Moore angry he didn’t think of it first.

  11. Don Meaker Says:

    US attorney can turn this into 5 years for the buyer of the gun. As easy as picking up change from the sidewalk. 5 years in club fed, he will find a lot of new friends.

  12. Brad Says:

    Yes, contact the ATF and the State law enforcement. And when they indicate they will do nothing to pursue the violator, take it to Fox News and the Drudge Report! The fact that the gun police refuse to enforce the gun laws when violated by agents of anti-gun groups is an irresistible news hook.

  13. Brad Says:

    Ah, crap.

    After reading the article linked by SM (thanx btw), I carefully watched the suspect video again. Yep. In every case Collin the s**thead has his instate partner buy the firearm, except in Virginia which is the s**thead’s state of residence.

    So much ado about nothing. The opening statement by Collin is exactly as characterized by SM, “… lying [and] distorted…”. There is no crime shown in the video.

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