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After McDonald

Speculated yesterday what the SAF folks and Gura would tackle next. NYC, CA, NJ, MA and other communist regimes? No. North Carolina’s emergency powers law.

SAF press release here.

8 Responses to “After McDonald”

  1. Robert Says:

    Oh hell yeah! Living in NC this law has always pissed me off since I found out about it.

  2. Robert Says:

    Oh, and while there are bigger fish to fry than this NC law, I suspect that they see it as an easy win and a good chance to get another victory under their belts without too much of a fight.

  3. Bobby Says:

    Darn, come to NY!

  4. Oldfart Says:

    By this time I’m sure Gottlieb and Gura have a chart on the wall showing all the states, cities and organizations with repressive gun laws. They probably have lines drawn from ‘Heller’ to ‘McDonald’ to ‘North Carolina’ and then to ??… Yesterday’s win was founded on ‘Heller’ and the NC suit is based on ‘McDonald’ and each will be a stepping stone to the next until gun control is a dead issue in the United States.

    We love to hate lawyers but when they’re doing good stuff…

  5. Shootin' Buddy Says:

    Norf Cackalacky?

    Anyone have a cite to the statute? What makes it ripe for judicial review, especially when Maryland or California seem such fat, slow targets?

  6. J Richarson Says:

    The Statutes in question are NC Gen Stat 14-288.7, 14-288.12(b)(4), 14-288.13(b), 14-288.14(a), and 14-288.15(d).

  7. Drang Says:

    Don’t forget that there are two or three Commiefornia suits which were put on hold pending McDonald. Alan is pleading at least one of them.

  8. SteveA Says:

    The worst(or funniest) thing about this law is how it is enforced. Certain cities seem to have no problem using it, while other cities wont even discuss it. Hmmm, wondering if that correlates to the number of gun-owners in the particular city.

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