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NRA Statement on DISCLOSE Act

We don’t like it, but . . ..

15 Responses to “NRA Statement on DISCLOSE Act”

  1. Robert Slaughter Says:

    Question: NRA has an agreement to be exempt, but what about NSSF, GOA, and other gun-rights groups?

  2. ExurbanKevin Says:

    We don’t like it, but…

    … hey, we got our exemption. The rest of you can go to haitch-e-double-hockey-sticks.

  3. Geodkyt Says:

    Well, it beats the alternative of fighting like hell, endign up with the Dems passing the law WITHOUT an exemption, and having the NRA (along with the rest of the RKBA organizations) effectively mute.

    Of course, if GOA could muster enough members, since they are already 10 years old, THEY would qualify too.

    And the fact that they cannot is why they have very littel leverage with the Dems on ANY matter.

    As another has pointed out already, this exemption just makes overturningteh entire law easier, as it is a BLATANT politically expedient cut out in a law obviously intended to silence political organizations opposed to the Dems in general.

    Which is why the Lefties are screaming at the Dems in Congress for offering NRA ANYTHING.

    Sometimes, it’s best to let your enemies eat each other, rather than try to play crab and keep pulling your allies (especially those with more leverage than you) back into the pot, just so you can be killed together.

  4. Mikee Says:

    Refinement of the exemptions will follow in due course, eliminating the “gun lobby loophole” that was erroneously included in this bill.

    Or am I worrying needlessly?

  5. Oscar Says:

    Remember, folks:

    Just because the croc has agreed to eat you
    last, it doesn’t mean that you won’t get
    eaten. They’ll pick off the easy prey first
    and then swing around to finish off the


  6. Lawrence Person Says:

    This is a bad idea. You don’t sell out your friends to make deals with your enemies. As long as Pelosi is speaker, there’s no such thing as a “pro-gun Democrat,” only ones who haven’t sold out just yet…

  7. JD Says:

    I don’t think the NRA has made it this long by pulling bad political maneuvers.

  8. Fiftycal Says:

    Yah. The law sucks. IF it is passed. And the ACLU will take it to court. And the law will be overturned. Maybe by 2015. Anyone realize what that date is? AFTER the Presidential election. And after this years election. So, IF the law passes, NRA will NOT be hindered like other organizations. And that is in itís MISSION to preserve gun rights. NRA is NOT a ďrepublicanĒ organization. And people should damn well recognize that FACT. This isnít tiddle-winks. Itís NUKLEAR CHESS on a national scale. Try thinking past this week.

  9. Some Law Talking Guy Says:

    It’s funny to see the same folks who urged a boycott on Smith and Wesson for their deal with the devil bending over backwards to protect this deal.

    (Though, to be fair, I didn’t support boycotting S&W, but I do support boycotting the NRA. So, I guess that makes me a hypocrite, too.)

  10. Maxpwr Says:

    For those who think organizations are not just looking out for themselves. The group Citizens United (who filed the case against McCain-Feingold which they won and lead to the new DISCLOSE law) just got an EXEMPTION from the Federal Elections Commission for their films on June 10.

    So much for the “we all hang together or we all hang separately”. Groups try to get exemptions for themselves wherever they can. NRA or Citizens United.

    The NRA is a gun rights issue group only looking out for themselves and their members. Period.

    I have no problem with what they did as a gun owner. As a conservative, I wish we were all on the same page, but we aren’t, so the NRA doing what it did is fine with me.

  11. GunMonkey Says:

    Hey, I’m wondering what the NRA will do to thank the Democratic Leadership for giving them a near monopoly on 2nd Amendment Advocacy.
    The Local State only groups are going to suffer badly here. Which, I think, only makes the NRA happy. can’t have those local yokels interfering with changing local gun laws. Don’t they know thats the NRA’s job?

  12. Geodkyt Says:

    Yes, GunMonkey, because it would be SO MUCH BETTER if NO RKBA group was allowed free speech at all.

    That was the alternative NRA saw. Either an exemption that NRA (and few others) falls within, or no exemptions for ANY pro-2nd Amendemnt group.

  13. GunMonkey Says:

    So you have already determined the law will be passed? And the NRA knew it too so they took the deal just to make sure someone could still have a 1st Amendment.

    Only if true, then why did they feel the need to offer the deal unless they were afraid the NRA could sour it for them?
    You fight bad laws, you don’t beg exemptions for yourself in them.

  14. Geodkyt Says:


    The ONLY way this law will be stopped is if the LEFT stops it, out of outrage over the NRA deal. At this point, even removeing the deal would not necessarily placate the Left, and gun owners are fired up about stopping, even if the NRA doesn’t FORMALLY oppose it (which is all they agreed to do).

    And opposition the NRA membership puts forth will only push it over the top IF teh Left is hearing from THEIR base that it’s a bad idea.

    Remember ObamaCare? These people are using their remaining tim ein office to cram EVERYTHING they’ve ever wanted through Congress while they still have a huge margin in the House, a practically fillibuster-proof margin in the Senate, and President Marx.

    NOTHING that conservatives oppose on their own has a chance of being stopped. It’s only when major progressive oxen are being gored as well that conservatives can stop things.

    Gee, if tens of thousands NRA members call their Congresscritters and tell them not to vote for the bill, EVEN THOUGH NRA HASN’T TOLD THEM TOO, the NRa gets the same effect from its membership as if Wayne laPierre sent letters out to every member and asked them to do just that.

    Actually, it is MORE likely that more NRA members will voice tehir opposition to this bill in any format than if NRA-ILA formally opposed it. NOW, people are PISSED.

    But the NRA still hasn’t formally told them to do so, and therefor is complying by the deal. . .

    That’s how politics (as opoosed to screaming at the opposition) is played.

  15. Geodkyt Says:

    Oh, look. The Left is killing the bill BECAUSE of teh NRA exemption.

    Fancy that.

    Just like they torpedoed their own pet DC Voting Rights usurpation of the Constitution bill when a gun rights amendment got attached.