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I know her (and the guy interviewing too)

CTD has an interview with Millisecond Molly. I had the pleasure of meeting her (and her interviewer for that matter) at GBR. Molly is an awesome shot. I mean, she could smoke me and I’ve smoked the 2009 Indiana State IDPA champion* while at Blackwater. So, I’m no slouch. But, seriously, Molly is good people and she can shoot.

* Note: When she smoked me, I compounded the problem because I’d never shot that sort of match before. And, like an idiot, I volunteered to go first. And the only gun I had was my carry gun and a couple of extra magazines. I should have watched a few folks first but didn’t. So, given I had but a few mags, I’d shoot then have one miss and would have to reload. That added a bit to my time. Note to self: in the future, when shooting steel challenge, load a fresh mag before each string.

6 Responses to “I know her (and the guy interviewing too)”

  1. Caleb Says:

    I don’t recall this alleged smoking, although I do remember getting beat by Joe!

  2. Tam Says:

    Hey, LG, let the man soothe his ego after getting stomped into a paste by a little girl, okay? 😉

  3. SayUncle Says:

    LOL @ tam.

    Caleb, I recall beating you both. You guys wanted to bet and I declined because I figured you both would destroy me. But I wound up beating you both. You know, because you shot hostages

  4. Caleb Says:

    Those were not hostages, there were collaborators and they needed to be shot!

    But I do remember what you’re talking about now – which reminds me in a roundabout way that I still need that rematch with Joe.

  5. guy Says:

    “So, Im no slouch.”

    Heh, this on the same day as Joe and Sebastian post on how great shooters don’t brag . 😛

  6. SayUncle Says:

    Not a slouch doesn’t qualify as bragging. It’s more like “i can shoot ok”, which is true. Those guys can outshoot me.