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Man lawfully open carrying is robbed at gun point.

22 Responses to “Deterrent?”

  1. Spook45 Says:

    Yes, this is the down side of OC. the bad guy can SEE that you have a gun and thus, he gets the drop on you. And maybe your GUN……I’ll cover mine up.

  2. Miguel Says:

    I agree with Massad Ayoob when he said that the best reason to have OC is to get rid of the silly laws regarding unintentional display of a firearm. You want to OC, you better live in constant awareness that somebody will challenge you and possibly win. Action will always beat Reaction.

  3. Larry Says:

    Me thinks just carrying a gun is not enough. You kinda have to train to use it as well. If you OC, you’d better train that way cause it boils a whole new kettle of fish. Gun != magic talisman.

  4. J Richardson Says:

    I would say that this guy needed more training and a heckuva lot more situational awareness.

  5. Robb Allen Says:

    Well, we’ve always said it’s not a magic talisman. And I totally agree that people who open carry are constantly targeted because of their pistols, hence why we see hundreds of cops a week beaten and robbed.


  6. John Smith Says:

    That is the first time I have ever heard of anybody open carrying being robbed unless you count police confiscation as robbery. What we have here is a man who carried to discourage robbery. He was not prepared to use it. He never thought he would have to use it. Talk about stupid. If you carry a weapon at any time you must be willing to use it. This guy used the weapon as a deterrent much like a police officer is a deterrent but neither method will protect you when the time comes. When you strap on a piece you are on the defensive. When you draw the weapon you go onto the offensive. Some people only want the defense part without having to go on the offense. When carrying a weapon of any sort you put yourself in an all or nothing situation; especially when you open carry. There is no room for people who half ass things. Lately the anti open carry side of the 2nd amendment crowd has been rather quite because open carry is becoming very popular. I am quite sure more concealed carry individuals are robbed daily then open carry. I am for both concealed and unconcealed carry. I however treat them equally with no rose colored ambiguity of preferring one over the other.

  7. Matt Groom Says:

    I’ve had friends who were cops who told me about cops getting robbed at gun point. They say it happens all the time. Why? Because criminals wanted their guns! One of them said it happened more during the AWB, because cops carry guns that civilians can’t get.
    A captured badge is instant street cred, and if you get his gun, you can get all the goodies in his car. You kill him, his fellows will track you down and kill you, if they can. You let him go, it doesn’t get reported, and he get’s ragged on by his peers.

    That’s why officers are trained to never respond to a call alone, because they can quickly become victims of robbery themselves. When was the last time you saw a cop acting by himself? They even get back up for traffic stops when they can.

  8. David Garrett Says:

    That’s just bizarre. I didn’t like the way the neighbors talked about the guy in the article.

  9. bob dole Says:

    I agree, we need OC laws to get rid of the imprinting laws and such. On the other hand, CCW is better than OC in most cases.

  10. Jerry Says:

    I don’t want the bad guy to be able to plan ahead. I’ll keep mine covered. Besides, it’s size might scare folks.

  11. Sailorcurt Says:

    Wow, the open carry haters finally have an incident they can point to to rationalize their argument. It’s about time. Now I’ll have to say “show me TWO documented incidents…”

    Hey…wait a minute…I thought the anti-open carry meme was that if you Open Carried, the bad guy would just shoot you first and then rob you?


  12. Mikee Says:

    What an amazingly fair, honest, well reported story. Other than the typical lack of details about the gun itself, I read the whole thing with only one small laugh over the neighbors’ nickname for him.

    Unless it is the sort of neighborhood where more than a nodding acquaintance can be dangerous (rather possible based on the robbery), I would think knowing more about the guy wearing the gun all the time would be a necessity, to determine if further friendly advances (or a defensive posture) need be undertaken.

    But then I live in Texas, where my neighbor watches my house when I vacation and vice versa. He always asks if I want any burglars taken alive or left dead for when I get back.

  13. Fred Says:

    Nowhere near enough information in the story to tell what actually happened. I’m going to reserve judgement until I find out more details.

    Just keep in mind that up here in Wisconsin we DON’T have the concealed option.

  14. Robert Says:

    This is why fast draw developed in the Old West. When everyone openly carries a handgun, a premium develops on being able to deploy it quickly, thus holsters went from containers to safely hold a handgun to tools allowing the handgun to be drawn quickly.

  15. oldsmobile98 Says:

    I still think it’s a significant deterrent. Concealed carry is also a (possibly stronger) deterrent.

    They complement each other. Let each citizen decide which one fits his/her situation, says I.

  16. Paul Says:

    Several items missing in this highly slanted article.

    We do not know if he did not draw because at the point of the sword he couldn’t or because if, like many locales, to legally open carry you cannot have the gun loaded or if it was loaded but in condition 2 and not condition 1.

    If we allow open carry it will have to be condition one, just like the cops. In a few years that might change, but to start I would do no less.

  17. Robert Says:

    Speaking of OC, the guy arrested in Asheville for OC at the airport where obama was taking off was supposed to have his hearing yesterday but his lawyer requested a continuance.

  18. Fred Says:

    There’s a slightly better article at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel (only slightly) stating apparently the suspect approached the carrier, asked for a cigarette, which he gave him, then pulled a gun and demanded the victim’s holstered gun. The suspect then had problems removing the gun from the victim’s holster, so the victim had to help the suspect get it out of the holster.

    No word on if he was carrying condition 1 or 3, but we can carry loaded here.

    The bad guy essentially “mentally disarmed” the victim with a non-threatening initial encounter, and was then able to get the drop on him.

    Lesson learned: don’t smoke. Well, ok, actually don’t let your guard down.

  19. Fred Says:

    Journal Sentinel link:

  20. cargosquid Says:

    He got robbed because he forgot to carry his coffee!

  21. Roberta X Says:

    Lesson: Don’t talk to strangers.

  22. Tam Says:

    This is why fast draw developed in the Old West. When everyone openly carries a handgun, a premium develops on being able to deploy it quickly, thus holsters went from containers to safely hold a handgun to tools allowing the handgun to be drawn quickly.

    I thought the buscadero-style “fast draw” rig was mostly developed in Hollywood.

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