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That newfangled internet thing

Cybersquatter scores:

Brian McCrary found the perfect venue to gripe about a $90 speeding ticket when he went to the Bluff City Police Department’s website, saw that its domain name was about to expire, and bought it right out from under the city’s nose.

5 Responses to “That newfangled internet thing”

  1. Josh G Says:




  2. Dixie Says:

    They give you a ticket, you yank their website. That’s they BLUFF CITY way! (chuckle)

  3. Standard Mischief Says:

    “…bought it right out from under the city’s nose.”

    A little hard to believe. usually the domains go on auction, but maybe he was the high bidder. Though I do own one domain that was “tasted” by the “what you need, when you need it” crowd and is was apparently spat out…

    Funny how Michael Silence posts the URL, but only links to pages about the URL. Well, at least he posted it.

    He’ll eventually lose the case if his squatting is challenged, but he may keep it until November.

  4. Bruiser Says:


  5. Sean OH Says:

    Dude, that rocks.