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Soon, you’ll need a permit

Cameras: The New Guns

14 Responses to “Soon, you’ll need a permit”

  1. B Smith Says:

    This (potentially) brings us to the New Attitude About Cops: “Since you’re going to jail anyway, why not just shoot the bastards who are beating you down?”

  2. Mayor Joel Stoner Says:

    Do any of these states have dash mounted cameras in their patrol cars? If so they may be committing a felony. So would security cameras also be committing felonies? After all most customers would argue that they did not give consent to being taped, especially the criminals that rob the store.

  3. Tango Says:

    Mayor Joel Stoner #2, but they’re not police! They have more rights than we subjects. Anyhow, I already said my piece on this yesterday. You all notice the states mentioned that are leading this charge?

  4. Robert Slaughter Says:

    I think all those who support Second Amendment rights should also support legislation supporting recordings — as the article title implies, there are certain trends that show linkage. And it may be a way to win allies of a more liberal bent outside our current circles.

  5. Mikee Says:

    The argument being made, that is winning, is that there is no legal reason NOT to videotape officers in public places.

    The article presents in a sensationalized fashion the cases where local or state jurisdictions have misused existing law to harass, intimidate, financially damage, or otherwise oppress those who have photographed or videotaped or audio taped officers in public. Those cases, even the ones initially resulting in prosecution and conviction, will be the cases overthrown by higher court appeals.

    The end result of this will be federal and state and local cases that uniformly result in public taping being recognized as legal, albeit only by force, by the authoritarians.

    See legal open carry in VA as an example. A handful of illegal prosecutions of legal carry, followed up by $$ settlements to those officially oppressed, and now legal open carry is (pretty much, barring backsliding by officers) OK in VA.

  6. Sebastiantheguywithnoblog Says:

    I could use some cash. I am seriously hoping I get arrested for recording something in the public sphere.

    That guy in Chicago should be quite happy they didn’t dismiss the charge. He’ll have grounds to sue as well.

  7. Josh G Says:

    They document all sorts of “crime against journalists”.

  8. blounttruth Says:

    Just goes to show how deep the coruption runs when the courts make up the rules as they go. I think this is a good follow up read, to help educate those that think that the justice system in the U.S. is not an oxymoron.

    Today must be the day of police state reporting.

  9. John Smith Says:

    I see a huge future in anonymous video posting on the net.

  10. GD Says:

    On the upside, maybe LA will boycott Florida, Illinois, and Massachusetts? You don’t think so?

  11. Jerry Says:

    Go ahead, the water is nice. (#9) As to # 10. LA wil not ignore anyone, or anyplace. They will show up with a very certain regularity.

  12. Jerry Says:

    And thank you, Mr. Government. Nevermind the mess you are making in the gulf, ‘tanks to you, I can’t be pretty, anymore. Mr. Gummint, you are teh stoopid.

  13. Stan Says:

    Well it appears my blood vessels live to fight another day, my blood pressure didn’t spike enough to burst them this time after reading that.

  14. straightarrow Says:

    No. Cameras are not the new guns, but I can see how they might force use of old guns.

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