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Daley wants gun suit to go to World Court

Wow. Perhaps he needs a reminder:

9 Responses to “Daley wants gun suit to go to World Court”

  1. oldsmobile98 Says:

    And what are they gonna do if the World Court takes the case and rules in favor of Daley? Send in the Baby Blue Helmets?

    Ooh, I’m trembling.

  2. Chas Says:

    It’s the sort of thing that’s to be expected from a nazifacista.

  3. Matt Groom Says:

    No! This is great! I think this is a good idea! This is probably the best idea and ignorant, tyrannical fuck-tard like Daley has ever had. We should send every case that challenges the validity of our civil rights to courts that have no jurisdiction, no authority, no power, and no force of law. We can’t lose, but even if we do, who gives a fuck? Brilliant! I totally agree with this action.

  4. oldsmobile98 Says:

    By the way, thanks for the song, Uncle. I had never heard it before. But I like it.

  5. Mikee Says:

    What would Daley do if a case against his trampling of citizen rights was sent to the world court? Oh, wait, that route to suppression is only supposed to be allowed to those, like Daley, who have a divine right to rule.

    First him, then the horse he rode in on.

  6. Rivrdog Says:

    Al Capone is a saint compared to the Daley clan.

    How come no one ever studied just how the Blackstone Rangers street gang morphed into Community Organizers? I bet if one dug deep enough, one might find out that The One got his start as a Blackstone Ranger.

  7. Nylarthotep Says:

    I generally like Rammstein, except for that song.

    I prefer Kein Lust. That video always cracks me up.

    Daley should push it to the world court. Let him waste time on someone we don’t have to actually listen too. I still don’t understand why he thinks the world court would have any jurisdiction in this particular law suit.

  8. Lyle Says:

    “Daley wants gun suit to go to World Court.”
    Of course he does. I hope no one’s surprised.

    Re the tune; Nice work. Yeah; they all wish they were living in America. Can we help it if America’s the envy of the world? What are we supposed to do about it– enforce individual rights the world over, or cut ourselves down to the oppressed shithole level like everyone else? I guess we’re working on the latter.

  9. Jerry Says:

    Ritcheeeeouse drum kit. I’ve only seen similar ones in marching bands, and I think Fluke Holland used to have one. I wonder who makes them.

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