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in the senate, restaurant carry bill gets passed veto.

3 Responses to “Override”

  1. Ron W Says:

    Now on to the House where it passed the first time with 66 votes. I understand that once passed, it takes effect immediately. Hopefully we’ll elect a new governor who will not veto bills puresuant to the Declaration of Rights in the State Constitution.

  2. Will Deere Says:

    Take a few minutes to email, write or call your representative to urge him or her to override the veto. I just emailed mine. However, he has never listened to my point of view on this matter or any other one. So, I told him that my family, friends, and I would cast our votes in the next election based upon his vote on this issue. Make yourselves heard!

  3. Ron W Says:


    Just like the Gov, every State legislator’s FIRST duty is to uphold their oath to the State Constitution. This bill was precisely pursuant to Article I, Section 26 of the Tennessee Declaration of Rights by which our RIGHT to CARRY ARMS for self-defense is protected. The State legislature only has delegated power as to how we WEAR what we CARRY and that “with a view to prevent crime”.

    Evidently your rep, like the Governor’s veto, is refusing to obey his oath of office.

    I’m hppay to say my rep was a leader FOR this bill and will vote accordingly.