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More Tactical Solutions Glock 22 Conversion

I asked Gabe from Tactical Solutions if their TSG22 conversion kit would work on both Generation 3 and the new Generation 4 Glocks. He said that since Glock went to a larger recoil spring on the Gen 4 there will be a gap in the front but will function just fine. Here’s a pic of the unit on a Gen 3:

From Gun Porn

And here’s a pic of the unit on a Gen4:

From Gun Porn

I’m gonna have to get a G17 just for one of these.

13 Responses to “More Tactical Solutions Glock 22 Conversion”

  1. Sebastiantheguywithnoblog Says:

    I’ve had mine on order for about a month. They told me it’ll be late fall before they can ship it :(. And it might be as late as December.

  2. SayUncle Says:

    The TS or the Advantage Arms? The TS is not shipping yet.

  3. Sebastiantheguywithnoblog Says:

    The TS. I didn’t shop the Advantage Arms one. Should I have?

  4. SayUncle Says:

    they’re hard to get too. I’ve heard good things but I lean toward the TS due to mag capacity and that you can get a threaded barrel.

  5. Sebastiantheguywithnoblog Says:

    Yeah I thought about getting one of those threaded…but the expense of the Class III in MD and the hassle associated made me think better of spending the extra dough.

    Shooting in my basement seems like a good idea…but not a $1700 good idea.

  6. Mad Saint Jack Says:

    Ask if it will work on a Glock 34 or a 17L. I think the frame is the same as the 17.

  7. Caleb Says:

    It will work with a G34, as well as a G22 and G35 frames. In fact, used Glock 22s are like $350 on JG Sales right now, so if you want a cheap trainer you could do worse than to scoop one of those up and go to town.

  8. Fiftycal Says:

    What is the barrel threaded for? Is it the same as an AR flashhider thread?

  9. WPZ Says:

    The only reason I hung on to my G17 as long as I did was to use the Advantage Arms top end, which was excellent in my hands but failed to eject in my wife’s.
    Once she refused to use it, the gun and top were gone.
    The Ciener top on my 1911s still gets run every week.
    Stunningly accurate, too.

  10. Gabe Says:

    Figured I would pop on and say a few things. First off I am Gabe with Tactical Solutions. First off Thank You all for the support. We are working hard to get our TSG-22 out to the market. There has been some delays and I apologies but I want to ensure you when we start shipping you will be satisfied. Magazine is a main delay right now as we are having molds done which has taken longer than expects. I will pop on every now and then to give you updates to our progress.

  11. Diomed Says:

    “but not a $1700 good idea.”

    Good lord, are you using cash as a backstop?

  12. Sebastiantheguywithnoblog Says:

    Heh…last I priced them at my local range, that’s what a licensed can was going to cost me for a .22 out the door. I’m sure I could get a better deal on a consignment somewhere shopping around…but yeah, welcome to the Volksrepublik of zhe Maryzland.

    Gabe–thanks for your efforts. My order’s been in for a few weeks…looking forward to getting it and giving a review. Fun fun!

  13. Diomed Says:

    $500 for a top shelf can
    $200 for tax stamp
    $100 for threading a regular .22
    $100 for transfer (which should only happen if you’re not buying from inventory)

    I hope your local range was throwing in some handjobs.

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