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NRA Annual Meeting Round Up

More pics from our Saturday night get together, including me having a lightsaber fight with Alan Gura. This get together was a good time. Casual, good food, and a lot of laughs. I got to try black pudding, which is neither black nor pudding.

Charlotte: The Good and the Bad. I have to admit, Charlotte was an odd little place. It was nice, clean and the food was good every where. The downtown was a bit hard to navigate if you were driving. And NC carry laws are awful. I’m certain I broke the law there a few times.

Should you put guns in it or move in?

Downrange Radio has some stuff.

2 Responses to “NRA Annual Meeting Round Up”

  1. Alchemyst Says:

    I think it was Tam who famously claimed that NC was the California of the South. It certainly seemed that way when I moved away. The state gov is in your face 100% of the time if you live there. As for Charlotte, IIRC finding decent Eastern NC BBQ was next to impossible. OTOH there is a local Maserati dealership so the place can’t be all bad. (Yeah, NC gun laws were (are) weird.)

  2. Rick Says:

    Hey! Charlotte’s carry laws did suck. I enjoyed the convention and it was cool to meet you.

    Molon Labe