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Hillsdale College Shooting

From an email:

The Hillsdale College Shooting Sports Center has received a $7,500 grant from the Hal & Jean Glassen Memorial Foundation, based in Okemos, Michigan. A former NRA president, Hal Glassen was a skilled shooter who competed at the Olympic level. The Glassen grant, matching one from the National Shooting Sports Foundation goes toward the establishment of a shooting club and team. The Hillsdale College Shooting Sports Club presently has 26 members.

3 Responses to “Hillsdale College Shooting”

  1. ParatrooperJJ Says:

    That is a great school. It is well worth supporting.

  2. MHinGA Says:

    Ditto to the great school comment. Imprimis is a nice little publication, and it’s free.

    I don’t give to my alma mater, the People’s Republic of Michi– er, The University of Michigan; I give to Hillsdale.

  3. Drang Says:

    If I had a time machine, I think I’d go back and try to convince myself to apply to Hillsdale. Of course, the best I could do was EMU, so I probably wouldn’t get in, but…